1. Deji had to feel a certain kind of way when they had Danica show the new boys around but not him to show the new girls. Poor guy set up to fail.

  2. so basically casa amor flopped so hard at ruining any couples this year that the producers are trying a quick second round?

  3. Honestly, I think having 4 people is good. 1 or 2 would be easy to gang up on and exclude. Now there is 2 girls and 2 boys, it’s a lot harder for the boys and girls to disregard them as a threat cause it’s double the chance of your partner turning

  4. Bit of a shame Nathalia should have been a bombshell that came in a lot earlier. She could’ve made such a big impact if she was there earlier.

  5. "Remember the islanders you choose to save... will stay in the villa ...[10 second pause] ...and the ones you dump ....will leave immediately." Really trying to make this moment more dramatic than it actually is lol

  6. as if laura's presenting isn't cringe enough already, her 'the islanders you choose to leave the villa... will leave the villa' sent me

  7. Dami is so evil, he is jealous of Deji, Deji wasn't bottom two despite being a quiet casa boy, Dami is a OG and very dominant in the villa. Plus Indiyah called him Deji, clear who's playing on her mind.

  8. Dami high key makes the most moves in any given episode. The dude is constantly plotting, gotta respect his game but damn it is annoying other islanders don’t ever call it out. He snatched that king of the villa role when jacques left and is clearly rattled now

  9. He kills three birds with one stone - 1. rattle his biggest competition 2. Rub it on Ekin Su who he does not like 3. Annoy Deji and block his oppty to know the girls

  10. Andrew and his snide remarks lately are beautiful. He really stopped giving a fuck. Wish we saw this side sooner

  11. Really wish they would change the formula for once. Having all 4 islanders dumped would have shaken the villa up and caused some drama instead of this dead episode today. We could see whether Indiyah would stay or leave with Dami and it would seem like the public vote actually has some stakes.

  12. I'm wondering if a big reason why they only dumped 2 islanders instead of 4 because they didn't want to risk Indiyah also leaving and having most of the POC leaving all at once

  13. deji is like that one player in the fusebox games who ran out of diamonds and now has to suffer w the shit choices like missin out on opportunities

  14. Love Island has two modes - the most useless cliffhanger ever or absolutely no teaser for tomorrow night. There is no in-between clearly

  15. Look at the women’s heights they brought in. That’s how you know they purposely brought them for Adam.

  16. Please Love Island gods can we have the Twitter challenge before it’s too late to have any meaning. Surely with the entrance of bombshells this is the perfect time to give those established couples one last shake

  17. Also new girls getting heat for doing what they have to is just unfair. We just had over 3k complaints to ofcom for bullying and ppl are online bullying girls that haven't done anything wrong

  18. Not to sound like a broken record but note how seasons 3 and 5 had very effective and emotional moments FREQUENTLY. with NO CLIFFHANGERS. just strong cast and good production. Anyway

  19. My current theory for lack of a better one is the lack of “Tomorrow Night” is because they’re leaving us on this cliffhanger of Davide’s head potentially turning. If they had clips of that happening they’d run them as everyone would be SURE to tune in for the drama. So I’m thinking he may make it clear his head isn’t turning tomorrow hence why they have no dramatic clips to play and chose instead to leave us with this ambiguous possibility that his head will turn

  20. the islanders seem so burnt out from drama tbh…they know they’re near the end of the season and don’t want to leave the villa with the public hating them for being muggy

  21. The bombshells entrance was BORING! I predict they won't do diddly. They had the perfect opportunity to bring the vim from their intro vids but bottled it. "it's too late we have to get to know everyone" no you don't. If you make your mark and let your interest known you can give them something to think about. The weakest entrance I've seen this series, these 4 people better not have just come in because they want a paid holiday😒

  22. I know people are saying no preview means no drama but wasnt there no preview the episode before movie night started? I feel like we found out in the press preview.

  23. Nathalia is gorgeous but she is towering over davide in her heels. I think he’ll enjoy the attention and the opportunity to tease Ekin some but nothing more serious than that at this stage. We will see. Play it cool Ekin-su!

  24. something felt very off when he “read peoples minds” earlier in the season and then all of the resulting drama was directed at the girls

  25. He also did the tour thing with Davide as a passive aggressive dig to Deji (the only single guy) to make him feel bad and excluded. It was pretty obvious when he then prompted Danica (the only single girl) to show the boys around.

  26. Dami’s downfall needs to be studied, genuinely he can’t stop yapping for a minute - Why ask Davide to give them a tour with Deji right beside him 😐

  27. I've probably criticised Tasha more than any other islander since the season started. I genuinely want Andrew and Tasha to win now

  28. Dami is hella manipulative and calculating. He’s been caught slipping a few times because he called others fake when he knows he’s the fake one. He conscious of his competition which he also knows is Ekin and Davide. I realllly saw him for who he is last night sending Davide to give the tour. He’s a menace and makes me uncomfortable. It’s just such a shame because I wanted him to represent Ireland in a positive way, not like this

  29. If he had used this bottom 2 moment to actually reflect on his actions and show some remorse, there is a small part of me that maybe could've been open to giving him a second look but instead he's all confused and not questioning it? Atp just send him and Indiyah home. I don't buy a second of their "couple" and it's sad to watch Indiyah be taken for a fool.

  30. Not Dami trying to actual gaslight the public into believing we're the bad guys for 'embarassing' Indiyah 😭🙃

  31. Completely agree it’s so dead because they don’t let them have fun. I get having to protect their image but let the drink and move mad you don’t have to air everything if it gets so bad just let us see the main picture. It’s like a super boring school trip with temptation and no reward for being bad

  32. The fact that there was no preview for tomorrow night suggests to me that none of the couples get shaken at all so there’s nothing interesting to show for a preview.

  33. The cheek of Dami to volunteer Davide. And he wonders why he was at the bottom, shows no respect at all for other peoples couplings. Ekin looked really stressed. I don’t get why he didn’t volunteer Deji instead.

  34. Well not much happened. Also have the boys forgotten about Deji? No one is backing him and instead trying to get a rise out of Ekin lol. Tough being the last casa amor person standing

  35. I'm thinking the Davide bit is misdirection and tomorrow we see them making moves on Adam instead. Probably they will all flop

  36. Wtf did Ekin do to upset Dami, is he actually just out to upset everyone else's relationships at this point?

  37. There's no drama involved for 2 singles to get together. Theyre trying to rock the boat one last time before the finale

  38. Bro Dami wonders why he was in the bottom…maybe because you keep stirring shit by getting Davide to do the tour! Davide looked quite uncomfortable

  39. Thought he was actually joking for the first 30 seconds ... like, do you remember how yesterday you made out with summer and told indiyah to get over it?

  40. There was no tomorrow night preview for a reason and several different shots of ekins face to prolong the episode? Nahhh this isn’t going anywhere

  41. The way 30 minutes into the episode the only scene I genuinely found interesting was Davide and Ekin throwing a wrapper at each other

  42. Kinda love that Adam turned what dami was saying behind Tasha’s back and what luca was saying to her face back on dami, when dami was lamenting “why was I in bottom 2?!”

  43. Might be my imagination, but was Davide sending worried glances down at the fire pit, when Adam and Ekin-Su were having a chat?

  44. I still am HESITANT about Andrew but I am fully behind Tandrew now. They seem really into each other and very sweet. I want them to succeed. I HOPE they get to the final over certain other couples but I know they’ll never win (even tho I think they’ve had the best journey alongside Ekinde)

  45. Dami setting Davide up after hearing how he feels about Ekin and their relationship getting stronger yeah I’m not here for it cause it’s clear he wants to mess up a stronger couple and he won’t throw a wrench in his little sidekick Lucas relationship

  46. Will these new bombshells be able to tell the islanders what the public really think of them, especially in the last few days, or will they have been quarantined before going in?

  47. Dami obviously has a death wish, the Ekin Su fans ( crew ??? ) are going to crucify him for this and they have nothing on the Tasha fans. Dick move Dami.

  48. Honestly how anyone can say she doesn’t have genuine feelings for Andrew I’ll never understand. She looked so happy and giggly. It just shows how much the boys meddling has impacted on their relationship. 1 day without it and they seemed like they were in cloud 9 🥰

  49. It's really nice to see her settled and happy! Like just not having her name called did wonders for her confidence. Her and Andrew are very sweet. Still wondering where they ghosted to after the bombshell intros at the firepit.

  50. I am just curious where Tasha and Andrew went after the newbies left on their tours. They were sat at the fireplace before the tours left and afterwards everyone else who didn’t tour were still there but them.

  51. Can't stand the way Dami purposely asked Davide to show the new girls around the villa instead of Deji.

  52. They didn’t show anything for tomorrow. Even if nothing happens with Ekin De, they could have shown something with the other couples. Makes me believe the bombshells are a dud and nothing really dramatic happens with the couples.

  53. I'm not saying this wasn't an interesting episode, but the highlight was Danica partially covering a neon sign

  54. this could be completely off-base so i invite any and all feedback, but I wonder if the reason Danica has been mugged off so many times because of the love island version of the madonna/wh*re complex, where because she has been assertive, the men have come onto her really strong, and everything is so visible, that now the men (who have proven themselves to be incredibly dim this season) can only see her sexually and not romantically

  55. Ekin was THE bombshell... I can’t imagine her losing out during the show, she’ll be in the finale with or without Davide

  56. Nathalia is stunning and probably meant all that terrace stuff as a joke… not sure why people are already crucifying her over that, she is a bombshell after all. And she should have entered instead of Antigoni tbh

  57. Dami has said he's a lads lad lol. If he was his first instinct would be to ask Deji to take the girls for a tour, like the girls did with Danica

  58. i really feel for andrew lol when he was saying that he could leave the villa now and that he miss his mates i was like this poor guy just wants to go HOME

  59. The fact they edited the ending to hype up some conflict between Davide and Ekin but had no footage for a 'tomorrow night' says it all really. Can't see Davide's head turning at all.

  60. Ekin looked stressed. I hope Davide stays loyal to her. He didn’t seem that interested in the terrace convo with the bombshells

  61. If Nathalia is super tall, Adam might be interested. I wonder if Paige will be interested in the footballer at all.

  62. The bombshells came in too late post-Casa. Davide won't turn, and neither will the rest of the boys. Mayyyybe Adam, but that's not very likely either

  63. Calling it now - there’s gonna be no big waves from these bombshells. Danica will couple with Jamie probably and Deji I guess? But I don’t see Davide or Adam turning

  64. I realized what the problem is with both Luca and Dami - they like to keep track of past mistakes by girls in the villa and hold grudges even if they are not directly impacted. What is this mindset? I don't think any other islander is keeping track of another islander's perceived misdeeds like they two are. In their heads, they are dispensing "justice" on behalf of other men. Who made them the villa gods? SMH.

  65. Luca looks haunted like the producers have had a word in his ear and has since made a few comments about being a d*ck and deserving the face pie. Dami on the other hand still seems completely oblivious...

  66. I just adore Ekin. Hated her at the beginning but she has ended up being the kindest, funniest, and most beautiful person in there! I can just imagine her having an amazing career after this show which she fully deserves.

  67. Does anyone feel like producers were heavily involved in that Davide giving the girls the tour of the house, also to kind of spice Ekin up a bit..

  68. It’s all a bit suss, soon as the text came through ekin was panicking about nathalia and knew she’d make a move on davide. Then davide being selected for the tour and ekin overreacting just a bit, yeah it all felt a bit staged

  69. Because it's a bubble in there. The hierarchy is Luca, then Dami. They don't think they've done anything wrong bc they set the standards. They haven't been challenged by anyone. So no, we are not delusional.

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