1. I searched up this thread just so I could rant about how ridiculous Shaina is. I could tell she may have felt a bit of pressure when Kyle proposed but she should've told him after that she made a mistake. Anyways, this episode she really pissed me off the way she was talking to Shayne about Natalie. Using air quotes when speaking of their "relationship", saying she'll call out Natalie (even though Natalie told Shayne exactly what she said, which was messed up). She's acting like a complete child, it almost feels set up.

  2. Kyle's defence in the kitchen argument is that he prefers to pre-plan for fights so he can have the chance to plan and control them.. Um?

  3. Why did Shania introduce Kyle to her family knowing his beliefs are a no go? The religious incompatible is a separate issue from her crappy personality.

  4. Yes! And the constant squinting and pouting. It makes her look even more stupid than she already comes across

  5. watching Danielle is EXHAUSTING!! her issues are becoming more and more clear, and this is just from what we see in 10 minute segments. but he has to be with her nearly 24/7.…

  6. Yes!! And then her brother asks them bluntly about how often they have sex in a strange way?! Yikes. Almost some freudian shit.

  7. I really hope that Shayne defended Natalie more than he was shown to.... he really should have walked away from Shaina, like wtf how could she say she didn't mean anything by trying to hook up Natalie with one of her friends and then immediately call their relationship fake...? Girl you're either joking about both or none, pick one. Also lol at her getting mad that Natalie told him about their convo in order to "make her out" to be the bad guy when she misquoted Natalie to Shayne to say that he "basically proposed" to Natalie in order to drive a wedge between them.

  8. It all just makes the gendered religious "leadership" thing seem so superficial. She is not a good representative of her faith.

  9. Yeah I’m late to this party but lord Danielle is stressing me out. Like I hope when she rewatches this episode I hope she gets a better understanding of Nick saying “the world doesn’t revolve around you”. One of the many reasons they fell for each other is because they were both empathetic but I haven’t seen her show one drop of empathy this whole show so far. Maybe they’re just putting her in worse light but ahhh 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Yeah, there's that patriachalist b.s. rearing its ugly head! I have no problem with sincere faith but so much of this just seems like new-age (fake) Puritanism. Anyone with her beliefs wouldn't have been so raw so early with Shane.

  11. I agree. They also seem fanatical about their religious beliefs. " Are you religious? I mean do you have Christ in your life? Are you a Godly man (then takes a sip of his beer)?" I can't judge people's conceptions of religion, but I can't help feel that the religion these people observe has no basis in spirituality rather membership in a group for individuals who cannot feel, experience and think for themselves. I wonder whether they know that Christ was brown and not white!!!"

  12. I'm confused! Why did some of them go to new apartments they'd both live in, while others went to one of the people's existing apartments?

  13. It's like in season1; they all go visit their old appartments to grab their stuff then go live in the new ones. They just didn't show everything so for some couples you only had footage from one place or another.

  14. Please someone explain to me WTF Kyle saw in Shayna. Was he just desperate to have somebody? Because I’d rather die alone.

  15. As someone who suffers from anxiety disorder, Danielle has SEVERE anxiety disorder. The overthinking is a sure sign. She has obsessive thoughts about things that don’t exist. Because he didn’t walk into a bar happy to have met her family, when they had a perfectly fine day, and he wasn’t upset about it at all?? And honestly he’s not a narcissist, he just doesn’t have an understanding of her mental health issues and quite honestly, she apparently doesn’t either because if she did, she would be on medication and in therapy. I see myself in some of those moments. It’s gotten much better with counseling and meds, but it can be EXHAUSTING to those around you, and you don’t even mean for it to be. You can’t stop yourself either and it just becomes more and more of a cluster fuck. It’s horrible!!! I still have to remind myself that people aren’t thinking about me sometimes - it’s not a narcissist thing, it’s an overthinking, insecure, anxiety thing. There is a difference.

  16. Idk she's extremely paranoid and toxic i think its more than anxiety...someone with extreme anxiety does not go on tv

  17. Because they’re in their 20’s from the Burbs. Nick appears to live in Bucktown or West Loop and Jarrett appears to live in the South Loop.

  18. Shaina is a fake Fox News Christian. Kyle didn't deserve that. Shayne is the life of the show so funny. Natalie seems sweet, I like her. Danielle needs a psychiatric evaluation. Nick needs to run and I love that he's always with the gossip lol Jarette and Iyana are cute but she needs to stop the whole EX thing, the past has nothing to do with the present. Mallory OBVIOUSLY isn't attracted to Sal. Sal knows this and is gonna cry about it. Shakes and Deep are boring 🥱

  19. Haha totally - when shanias mom said "I know where my kid is going to after she has died" I couldn't help but think : yeah, straight to hell, bish.

  20. Ofc she did! Lol. Also love the fact that she anticipated shayne to complain about natalie... But he actually called her out on her "getting Natalie another guy" bs.

  21. ...what is Danielle's problem? I was sympathetic towards her until this fight, she's mad that he had to deal with his own family/friend stuff on the same DAY as meeting hers? Not during the meeting, but after? It isn't like he was on the phone the whole time with her family. She's way too much. I get being anxious and insecure, I probably drive my boyfriend nuts with my anxiety sometimes, but she's WAY over the top. She needs some serious therapy.

  22. She's my absolute worst nightmare of a partner. Someone who can ruin a wonderful day or memory because of a throwaway comment. My mother was similar to this and every nice day was ruined because you're just waiting for some innocuous comment to make her explode. Danielle is not in a healthy enough position to be dating. Nick is a saint.

  23. Shayna is the typical FAKE religious person. No real Christian woman would be so nasty to others. She is the worst, but others are pretty bad too.

  24. Shaina's behavior really isn't all that "Christian" to me. Trying to insert yourself in a committed relationship seems pretty shady in terms of "morality". All talk and doesn't walk the walk. This could have been a really compelling relationship issue to address if Shaina wasn't so shallow and manipulative.

  25. Oh my god I’m late to this but Kyle meeting Shaina’s family was the most difficult thing for me to watch. Oh my god. I can’t get over how uncomfortable that made me. So fricking awkward.

  26. Racist vibes all over that room. They wouldn’t even give him a chance because he wasn’t white and didn’t have Let’s Go Brandon printed on his forehead.

  27. Yes! I was so disturbed by her mother's behavior and it really gave me a lot of insight into Danielle flying off the handle over seemingly nothing all the time. Danielle desperately needs therapy and to come to terms with the fact that her mother is actually not her friend and has seeded some of these insecurities in Danielle.

  28. Shake saying that ginger wasn’t a palette cleanser, reading the purpose of ginger as literally the definition of palette cleanser, and then then decide that Deepti was wrong and it’s not a palette cleanser ????? So confused

  29. I thought Deepti was the one who said that wasabi is the palette cleanser, that's why she doesn't want Shake to mix wasabi and soy sauce together. Shake disagreed, and he googled to confirm that :-?

  30. Unpopular Opinion: I really don't really like Iyanna. I find it really annoying that she pretends like you can't have any contact with your exes at all. It's my choice if I want to stay friends with my exes or if I want to keep a nice, useful gift. In my opinion, it's quite immature to just cut out your ex, no matter the circumstances of the breakup. Of course I understand why she's bothered by Mallory, but she really shouldn't project this to just any ex.

  31. Personally, I view a clean cut from past relationships as a necessity in a partner. I can definitely see why people may view that as toxic or whatever, but I have never in my life seen ex's stay in touch that don't have some sort of residual feelings for each other.

  32. His apartment was very - I'm a consultant and am never here. But she seems to be very rigid (and I like her), and I don't know that that's a fit.

  33. I'm honestly more worried about her not liking that he's an extrovert or owns shot glasses. She really gives me strong controlling vibes of wanting someone who is only friends with his girlfriend and not wanting her partner to have a life outside of that relationship. Everything she says is icky to me

  34. I like her but I definitely think she's wrong about no contact with exes. If anything, having amicable relationships with exes can just be a sign that you're an emotionally mature person.

  35. I like Iyanna but I definitely diagree with her on the exes standpoint. I'm like you..I think it's fine if people are cool with their exes. Some people break up amicably and they are legit just friends afterwards and not trying to date again. I also disagreed with throwing out the gift. Like why should he throw away the watch holder? So what.if an ex got it. It's useful..he is not holding on to it for sentimental reasons.

  36. I kind of agree with her on not keeping contact with exes, but I've never had exes that I wanted to keep contact with.

  37. Is nobody talking about how shady Nick is? He was stirring the pot with Shain and Shayna and before that with Jarette and Mallory. The way he was talking shit about Natalie was just so weird, he obviously knew what he was doing.

  38. Mad shady. Gross behavior. Him and Danielle talking shit with Shaina. I wanted to give Nick the benefit of the doubt because I saw people say he was messy but nah this episode cleared it up. Very shady, just nasty.

  39. He's so sus. He clearly knows where the drama is and added oil to the fire. He gives off a hypocrite vibe who acts like everything needs to be 'organic' and zen then be on top of any gossip.

  40. Shaina is definitely what's wrong with how people perceive Christians/Catholics. She's clearly very vain, shallow, and a shit stirrer. Swearing up a storm but is a "god fearing woman". Gtfoh she'll be going to hell with gasoline drawers on.

  41. I would be a lot more forgiving if she actually lived in the bible belt and stood by the no sex before marriage rule. But she seems to be super devoted in some ways, but then also completely ignoring others.

  42. Please tell me someone else feels like shaina is the Jessica of season 2, ends up with the ugly guy out of pride to not end up alone because she was rejected by the first choice

  43. Oh absolutely. Except this time I actually feel like Shayne and Shiana would actually make a better match. A lot of the things he is complaining about to Natalie, like wanting more PDA and compliments, he would probably get from Shiana. Every time Natalie and Shayne talk about anything beyond sex, they find things they don't have in common. They're not a good match at all.

  44. I cannot stand Danielle… not only she has no personality at all but she’s an actual PSYCHO… definition of toxic person. She never even talks except to complain or say something toxic or manipulative !!!

  45. I thought they were one of the cuter couples in episode 1 and 2, now it's... nick honey, it shouldn't be THIS hard THIS early on, don't marry this woman.

  46. And as soon as she's called out on it it's "i'Ve dEaLt WiTh Narcissists BeFoRe" classic line from toxic women lol. She is picking apart every single little thing which is not only delusional of her but exhausting for her partner. And then when he basically says "you're looking into everything too much" he gets accused of being a narcissist? Yikes. Run, Nick!

  47. I’ve watched two minutes of this episode but seeing Natalie tell Shayne that he’s all she’s ever wanted MELTED ME AWAY and I just felt so strongly that I had to come here and say it. That was so cute. Like omg I would want compliments from her as well but the fact that it was (seemed) so genuine made it so heartfelt and special. I can’t believe I’m having a moment that makes me rooting for them for even a second.

  48. She seems like a genuinely sweet person, but with a bad taste in men. Shayne was sooo dodgy with her and they are not compatible at all.


  50. Shayna is so faked, first of all the first thing she did after breaking up with Kyle was called Danielle and asked how they're relationship was going? And telling her she is going to hooked her up. 😒 and then she's talking the first thing she does on the beach is talked crap about her and being all over him. That woman is worse than Jessica.

  51. So I know someone similar to Shayne...I mean in their energy and mannerisms. A lot of people seem pretty confused by why he has that look...where it’s like a deer in headlights or he isn’t seeing anything and that is give them real crazy vibes. So I wanted to share, at least on the case of my friend they have pretty severe ADHD. He gets that look when he is processing stuff especially inner thoughts when he is conversing or processing what someone said...it just takes his brain a few extra moments to process what was just said to him, it’s kind of like he goes blank for a moment till his brain has processed it. He really doesn’t seem to process visual stuff when it happens unless you did something like waved a hand in front of him and said his name (which is something I’ve only done when he zoned out like that look but never came back to the conversation haha.) But yeah he has got the same energy level as shayne and it’s just his ADHD. If you’ve never met anyone like him before it can be sort of a shock to the system but once you are around him enough you get used to it and it doesn’t look like a ‘crazy’ look once you understand what is going on with him, you just see it as a zoned out/brain processing look.

  52. Huh you know what I just realized that that's what I probably look like too when I'm processing! I'm inattentive ADHD though and not really bouncing off the walls but I take a while to digest new information and I have really bulgy eyes too. 😄

  53. It irked me how Nick just ended up apologizing to Danielle for her irrational behavior and not trying to explain himself more. When he said the "world revolved around her," it had nothing to do with her happiness the day before. It was about her not letting him be upset about his own fucking shit and not listening when he said it had nothing to do with her. I interpreted Nick's stance as, "I understand you were happy and I'm sorry if I ruined that for you because I was happy too, but I'm going through something difficult and you are failing to recognize that I'm allowed to feel hurt about things and I shouldn't have to step on eggshells around you because you're so fucking insecure." Maybe not the last part.

  54. Yeah she was crying about how he makes her feel better when she opens up or is vulnerable with him and she wants to do the same for him, but the argument was literally her complaining about him bringing up the stuff he was dealing with instead of focusing on how she was happy

  55. I always thought Nick was cool, but what was up with him dissing Natalie for being "crazy" with Shayne or whatever when Danielle is an emotional wreck who gets mad at him for breathing in the wrong direction?? Look in the mirror buddy your relationship is fucked. And Shaina is just pathetic. "I'm being painted as the villain in your 'relationship.'" I WONDER WHY. I'm not saying Shayne and Natalie are perfect for each other, but Shaina has no right to intrude and call the relationship fake when she literally walked around wearing Kyle's mother's ring for God knows how long. For someone who values faith so much, Shaina has no morals.

  56. I also thought this was so interesting because a bunch of the couples at the first meeting in Mexico were saying that Natalie and Shane were going to be the most likely to make it? And now all of a sudden "Natalie is insane" ??

  57. My favourite moment was when Shiana went 'she took it out of context' and then her explanation was 'we were talking I said it as a joke'. Dude that's not context. You gave us no context that makes it okay, you were just being awful and no, it clearly wasn't a joke. You joke with friends and Natalie AIN'T your friend.

  58. I'm on episode 6 where Shake meets Deepti's family. Maybe Nick becomes a dick later on and maybe it's the editing but Nick has been so good to her and she keeps picking fights which i get she had insecurities but then she really needs to take him and his feelings into consideration too.

  59. There are NO GOOD BUTTS on this show. Every time I see somebody in a dress I’m so sad. Flat, flat, asses. How do they poop!? It’s all leg! It’s all leg! That’s all. I know it’s a dumb and superficial observation but I just want someone to do some squats. Get on the rack. Get some booty back there! Get off the damn elliptical!

  60. Is Nick a production plant? He doesn't seem genuine and always seems to be stirring the pot to mix up drama. Not to mention, his relationship makes no sense.

  61. When Nick was talking about how he didn't feel like he belonged in his family I was just thinking to myself "Danielle, if you don't go hug that boy!" She's talking about how she doesn't get the opportunity to comfort him as he does her, but I fear that she doesn't even notice his issues because she's too focused on her own.

  62. I think that's a really good point. There needs to be space for nicks insecurities, even if they may manifest as smaller than Danielle's

  63. I was irritated by Kyle in this scene because he was like, "You should have brought it up more," when SHE LITERALLY BROUGHT IT UP BEFORE HE GAVE HER THE RING. She said numerous times it was a problem for her.

  64. Danielles emotions give me whip lash. At first I vibed with her and understood her story and emotions. Now I see she likes to live as the victim and blame all others for literally everything. She constantly gas lights Nick and says he's being narcissistic when she's the definition of a narcissist.

  65. Ok so Iyanna needs stop with the insecurities. Like Jarette kept a gift from an ex because it's nice and functional, not because he's still into this ex.

  66. I think that they probably cut a lot of that conversation. I dont necessarily think you need to throw away gifts especially if one serves a function for you, but I think it lead up to the convo about Mallory which was valid.

  67. I thought that was sooo over the top of her. It's a beautiful, expensive gift that he obviously uses because it's very practical. It's not like the woman got her initials.or their anniversary date on it. It's his initials. Why throw out a perfectly good, personalized gift that you enjoy just because you have a new girlfriend? Yikes

  68. I agree with you, but I think it's just differences in perspective(she likes to cut exes off, Jarette likes to keep things amicable) and I don't think it concerns her too much. And I think she actually was given a reason to be insecure with the whole Mallory thing but given everything, she still has a great deal of trust for Jarette IMO.

  69. I never expected Danielle to be this toxic when I watched the first episode. The conversation they had on the bridge was heartbreaking. Nick communicated in a very healthy way and tried to apologize, validate her feelings while still standing his ground (which is A+). But Danielle really is sabotaging and finding issues where are none and belittling him and not caring for his side at all and just shutting down. She constantly compares him to her exes which is so disrespectful. I'm halfway through the episode and I hope she apologizes for her behavior at some point and reflects that it isn't right. And I hope for her she seeks help because you can tell she hasn't worked through things in her past and it makes her hurt innocent people- in this case Nick. He is sassy and gossipy yes, but he hasn't done ANYTHING wrong to her from what I can tell and he really doesn't deserve this. It's really toxic.

  70. exactly my thoughts, halfway through the episode as well and Danielle makes arguments out of nowhere! which makes it seem like she's trying to get out of the relationship.

  71. First of all, Danielle is one of the most annoying types of people. The way she gaslights Nick and is upset at him for not feeling the same emotions as her? Nick definently loves gossip and drama, but Danielle is way too much. She has serious issues that she needs to work through. Also, Shainna and her duck lips is annoying too. The only likeable person on this show is Salvador. The rest of them have some serious flaws. Even with Kyle, I agree with in regards to atheism, but even I can acknowledge dating a religous person would never work. They all suck at communicating and basic maturity. IDK it explains why they couldn't find relationships before.

  72. And you just know Danielle would be the first person to accuse Nick of "gaslighting" her because it goes hand in hand with "narcissist". Women today loooooooove to call anyone and everyone they don't like a narcissist or gaslighter, when in fact, she's the only one gaslighting lol

  73. Differences of faith can be worked on if both sides are willing. With Shaina it felt like an excuse - if she wanted a man who would "lead her in her faith" she never should've said yes in the first place. Kyle was willing to compromise, she was not. She knew he wasn't what she wanted but continued on with it and that's on her.

  74. Shaina so obviously wants to ruin Natalie's relationship. She's in love with Shayne, but is he even that religious? Like I imagine if he said he was atheist she would still try to be with him. She is so self-obsessed and she has the audacity to call their relationship comical? Like she's a JOKE herself

  75. Shaina is as religious as a dead frog. She never once asked either guy, Shayne or Kyle if they were men of faith. If she’s as awful as the show edited her to be then she is truly a horrible person.

  76. They handled Shania pretty well. This girl is 100% trying to sabotage their relationship and they’re being pretty cool about it. Shayne was so uncomfortable and I loved that he was low key roasting her outfit.

  77. they are the most normal couple so far like their arguments are not that bad. Danielle is just toxic. Mal doesn't like Sal. And Shake is not attracted to Deep. These people are seriously messed up- probably just want attention- I can't imagine they feel any genuine affection towards each other let alone love

  78. Shainas obsession with Shayne is just worrying, every time in a confessional she talks abt Shayne more than she ever mentioned Kyle. Like Jessica was bad but Shaina really is being worse with this obsession she has with Shayne

  79. I don’t care what anybody says, Danielle is absolutely BAT SHIT CRAZY. They can say it’s editing or whatever, but that dude is going to be miserable the entire time they’re married.

  80. Shayna with them fake ass lips and nearly closed eyes talking about how much she loves Jesus out of one side of her face and then trying to break up another couple in the same breath had me rolling.😂

  81. Shaina wearing the exact outfit “crop top set with large flannel” where Shayne said “omg you’re SOOOO F—ING HOT” girl you’re not slick smh🥴

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