1. That’s all crowd surfers for me. If they surfed from front to back it wouldn’t be an issue, because you can prepare. But having a 400 pound dude dropped on you while your looking at the stage is rough lol

  2. Don’t want to be a Scrooge but I came to watch the show not be forced to help you live out your “main character” moment. It would be one thing at some of the other shows at LtL but at the chili peppers? Cmon these guys are a talent and I want to watch and enjoy without having to benchpress a 250lb greasy 40yo man

  3. The “main character” comment is spot on. The majority of those people were filming a shitty selfie video while surfing. I was up front second row all day and fat sweaty shirtless people were constantly getting dropped all around us. And it may have been being so close, but the sound sucked all day.

  4. The crowd surfing is the worst thing about this festival. Fucking idiots surf back to front the entire show. Big fat fucks, shirtless dirty rednecks, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what show...Incubus? Sure let's crowd surf. Its so fucking rude. But, dumb fucks here think that is what you are supposed to do at a concert.

  5. I haven't been to LTL since it was off River Road but I remember the difference in crowd between them and B&B being night and day

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