1. what does this even mean? you are mad because people started a good coffee shop in lower income areas that, by the way, are still NOT gentrified and lower income areas decades later?

  2. Uncool take ... How about, end tip culture for a livable wage? Just pay people ffs! Food service is the most exploitative industry in the country. It's chews people up, and spits them back out. Just pay people.

  3. Members of congress and their immediate family members should not be able to buy/sell stocks outside of a blind trust. Family members should also be ineligible from receiving campaign funds as income.

  4. Bean is such a refreshing vibe compared to sunergos. Just feels different. Less forced behavior

  5. May be a hot take but I think the coffee at Bean is better too. Sunergos gets a lot of hype but I thought the coffee was mid. Think there's some marketing going on for that place because it was in no way exceptional.

  6. Next I want the feds to investigate who's getting the tips at all these non sit down restaurants that have started soliciting tips over the last 3 years.

  7. At least for P&T the article reads like the ‘managers’ are doing the same job as all other baristas and are simply considered ‘more senior’ employees. They had one actual managerial position that is now salaried. I don’t care for tipping, but this seems like far from the worst cases you hear about. Of course, this all came from the owner so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

  8. Agreed. Feels like everyone in here is imagining a 40-year-old dude moseying out of his office and sticking his hand in the tip jar at the end of the night.

  9. Says in the article. They’re relatively small companies with managers acting as baristas most of the time and the lines become blurred so the people accused of taking tips actually did earn them (managers working as barista) but by a technicality enacted by a law that changed during 2020 that was not well publicized, the “managers” are not allowed to keep they tips they earned since they’re salaried. These businesses would likely win in court but would end up paying more in legal fees than if they just accept the punishment of having to repay the tips that weren’t earned

  10. I'm wondering the same thing. Seems like it was a standard practice in Louisville coffee shops and no one questioned it.

  11. I have a friend who runs a semi local coffee shop, and they only use square for payment when the owners are running the bar. They said it's quite difficult to properly allocate tips to the appropriate employee using square, so they don't trust it when an employee is working and only use it when the owners are on shift.

  12. the people who have weirdly hated the local coffee shops for years because they think they are hyper Christian hate machines are creaming in their pants right now.

  13. Are you inferring the title of manager did not come with a pay increase along side extra responsibility? If you’re getting paid more than the workers you manage you don’t get to wet your beak because you jumped on the line during a rush.

  14. Whether someone is a manager depends entirely on the person’s duties. It doesn’t matter what their job title is.

  15. This is despicable! I guess wage theft isn’t just a part of the corporate playbook anymore, even the little guys are getting in on further exploiting their employees. Almost like we should have a federal work council (nationwide union) that protects all wage earners!

  16. The entire coffee scene in this town is wack! Sunegros coffee is all hype they claim to be knowledgeable but simply are not and quills coffee is weak every time I walk into quills I’m disgusted by the look on the faces of employees they don’t take pride in their work and honestly I wouldn’t either if they we stealing my tips

  17. Lmao, this city and its “keep Louisville weird” for local stuff/restaurants is becoming one of the biggest grifts for businesses around town. But also fuck stealing tips, and a bigger fuck you to companies making your customers pay your employees wages out of pocket.

  18. Honest question: How do you avoid tipping without hurting those who in that moment would only get paid from those tips? I hate this system, but I also feel like if I don't tip, it's hurting the dude in front of me and not the owner.

  19. Stop buying overpriced coffee. Get Circle k, Speedway,or Thornton's,No tipping involved for whoever checks you out.

  20. No stop buying shit coffee from shit corporations that fuck over coffee farmers. Unfortunately because of your cheap ass coffee, we will no longer have coffee in the next decade or two.

  21. I mean you’re being downvoted but you’re not wrong. Gas station employees actually make a liveable wage without having to rely on tips…..why are we allowing these tip based companies to stay in business?

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