1. Nothing needs to make sense in Clown World. There is no arguing with clowns because they just laugh in your face, make weird silly faces while doing interpretive dance.

  2. Remember when slavery was still a thing and these old world luddites would ship her to the prison colonies. The weirder the knowledge the more American we become.

  3. Being honest I saw this coming - when the whole trans thing was picking up speed I was thinking there's no way the feminists would just sit back and watch dudes take their place on the podium

  4. It’s forced collectivism. Remove the individual and push into group think ideology. I also don’t need to accept your group madness

  5. Then why is it happening? Genuinely not trying to sound jerky….I’ve met/spoke with many people regarding these topics…people from different countries….that also think that this is absolutely bonkers. I just don’t understand where all these rational people go when shit like this is going down.

  6. Do you feel that this began as a hidden agenda on the part of your leaders? Are the winners very clearly and broadly unpopular (suggesting something peculiar about their elections)? It seems like it’s possibly an attack on/of/through the bureaucratic middle. Is that possible?

  7. We are living in a very deranged time. It is surreal to me that we are even having these discussions, let alone being imprisoned for stating a simple fact. Imagine if 40 years ago, people could look into a crystal ball and see our politicians debating whether or not men can get pregnant. It is tough for me to fathom how quickly the left has gone completely insane. They’ve lost their damn minds this is wild

  8. Norway is a Communist shithole that doesn’t allow free speech and is introducing a new system of digital ID that is linked to facial recognition. Norway also wants to track all food purchases of every citizen.

  9. Ironic especially because their prison system supposedly isn’t designed to punish but to rehabilitate. So are they going to go the brainwashing route with her rehab?

  10. Yes since I was forced by my ex-wife to get a vasectomy I am technically NOT able to deliver sperm so I'm not a man so I love women so technically I am a lesbian

  11. The legal term “man” and “woman” have very specific meanings. I pity the fool prosecutor who has to deal with this case. As a defense attorney, I would just sit at the defense table and as each witness “what is a woman? I’ll wait.” And go back to reading the papers in front of me.

  12. It's stuff like this -- so beyond common sense -- that I increasingly feel like an outsider on this planet. I remember when it used to just be left vs. right, and you could generally come together and compromise on most things. But now, the left is so far removed from what I remember, and their ideas for how you should think, what you should say, and how your lives should be lived are so fucking immoral and devoid of any common sense that we can't compromise anymore. You can't find a middle ground with people who are so mentally ill that they can't be reached. And it all just keeps getting worse.

  13. We take freedom of speech for granted in America. The sheep in Europe are perfectly ok letting their government tell them what they can do and say. Pathetic really.

  14. Irony: Socialist George Orwell writes a book about an authoritarian dystopia, his people read it and think it was a “how-to” book.

  15. I really pray if this starts happening here it's met with a people UNITED against it willing to do WHATEVER it takes to put a stop to it

  16. This kind of thing is more likely to happen in the US than in Norway. This title is clickbait. The charges are for long term and public harassment of a trans person.

  17. Why put effort into defending your ideologies when you can just imprison anyone who challenges them. This is genuine actual fascism.

  18. If the World Economic Forum and people like Klaus Schwab get their way and we have a worldwide government, everybody in the world gets this shit.

  19. The irony of being shouted down that something as dynamic as the climate and its warming is settled science, only to be told that genders aren’t settled science.

  20. On paper, I’m legally a woman. I identify as a lesbian who refuses to transition my boy parts off. I love how crazy this 🤡🌎has become.

  21. Do you need any more evidence that leftists are fascists? If they are abusing their authority with just partial electoral power, imagine how they would treat dissident voices when they have total control over elections and government.

  22. And the Left say Democrats are for Democracy?? Several Democrat countries have no free speech. No right to own a gun to defend yourself. No basic rights.

  23. Jesus.... MOST euros are just brain dead lemmings.... They seem to LOVE being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it...

  24. Yep. There is always someone farther left, this only ends when the left can't stand itself anymore and implodes.

  25. He's correct Men cannot give birth either. But they can play dress up. Make believe that they are a female. Maybe wear maku-up and high heels too? Why the hell not. This. Is America!

  26. Liberalism happened to Norway. The libs here would do the exact same thing if they could. In fact they’ve been trying to make speech they don’t agree with illegal but we have that pesky little document called the Constitution. And they hate that too.

  27. Sorry to disappoint you, but that feminist very likely lied about the reason why she was reported. The documents will soon be public and according to the person that did the reporting those statements and tweets are not even mentioned.

  28. I honestly want to know what a women is. I want one of them to explain it to me like I am 5. Be whatever you want to be. I could care less. Be a half salamander half horse, I don’t care. I do care how basic facts have to change and they can’t even explain it. All they say is “my feelings”. Maybe I should join the club and say, I identify as a 65 year old can I collect my social security now? Can I do that?

  29. When the next Republican wins the election, he should grant her permanent residency. It sends a message that we are just, and that we like sensible people.

  30. More proof that feminists are getting thrown under the bus with every other group that came before. These people need to be resisted. "...Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

  31. In Alberta we frequently moan and gripe that we're not more like Norway, because our corrupt politicians squandered our oil money, whereas their corrupt politicians created an impressive sovereign wealth fund.

  32. Well I wouldn't say our politicians are doing much better by us, but at least this madness is less likely to happen here lol.✌️👍🤡🌎😆

  33. Isn't this equality? If it was a man who said this the media mob would string them up. This is a victory for feminism.

  34. Yes, you most likely have to imagine it as it most likely didn't happen. that feminist very likely lied about the reason why she was reported. The documents will soon be public and according to the person that did the reporting those statements and tweets are not even mentioned.

  35. To think that a very long time ago those northern European countries were filled with bad ass Odin and Thor worshipping Vikings that raiding everything.

  36. Imagine a world where your title is "Norwegian feminist" and being jailed for being closed minded and having out of date views...

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