1. How did you level up so fast AND fill the map by round 10 without running into the boss?? I'm confusion

  2. You have more Sand Dunes than you require; SD beyond 99 don’t provide additional benefit. I usually run Thicket/River in 4 columns and the remaining 2/3ds of the terrain space is more than enough to reduce hp by 99%; I usually fill the remaining space with additional Thickets for more AS.

  3. That's awesome! I can't seem to get past the second boss as Rogue no matter what I build. Necro, on the other hand, I can smack the bosses easily.

  4. you can be oneshot in any moment when you run out of stamina. also oasis can reduce enemy attack speed up to a maximum of 50%

  5. They have the arsenal so they probably have ~200-300 magic HP. Dying would be only possible if the enemy evaded many many many times and RNG truly hated you.

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