1. Not exactly the same thing, but my partner and I would get a kick out of every time we’d go to pick up our phones to call or text the other person and we’d get an incoming call or text at the exact same moment. Those small moments meant so much for us.

  2. yes! it's become like a running joke between us whenever it happens that i say "you know what they say, couples who [whatever we just said at the same time] together, stay together" lol. always makes me smile

  3. Happens lol. Sometimes we’re the only ones who understand each other’s jokes. A lot of moments he suggests or says something I was considering saying. Or I get a hint of what he wants to say.

  4. Morphogenetic field!!! We got together because of a video game where the whole plot was using the morphogenetic field so now we believe we’re connected through it!

  5. When me and my bf are calling on the phone we tend to say the same thing at the same time then laugh about it, it’s kinda our thing too lol

  6. I really like this. We often talk about being on the same page and have a running joke about how we finally are on the same page about something. but we're on the same page about pretty much everything. and when we have moments like wavelength, we usually just say "get out of my head!" and giggle together. it happens quite a bit. i might have to steal wavelength though, it's p cute.

  7. An absolutely ridiculous amount haha, yep. We call it 'Our Brain'. Never had the same degree of mental connection with anyone else for sure.

  8. It's cute and fun when it happens, but don't get sucked into believing in "signs" and whatever. Doesn't exist, that's not reality, and when you start thinking it is, it's more likely you get sucked into destructive false-positives and false-negatives. I've seen too many relationships go awry when they focus on those things.

  9. Yes! I always joked I could read his mind bc I know him so well. We also weirdly kinda finish each other sentences

  10. For me and my SO we say we have an emotional connection because if we don’t talk all day bc we are busy and we talk at night we will both be tired or drained from the day. Or when one of us had a good day the other also had a good day. We joke around and say we have “telekinesis” bc we tend to read each other’s minds a lot.

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  12. YEESSS!!! I thought i was the only one lol. With me and my love its more about emotions, we are often in the exact same mood and sometimes when i feel a sudden mood shift he’s in that mood i shifted to. Wavelength is such a sweet way to put it •<:-))

  13. When that happens we say we’re soulmates, also it happened to me that he would message me and I would pick it or wake up (even if it’s really early for me) a minute after he sent it LOL

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