1. Lol - because, you know, that's not a part of "their" community, lol. That and the incessant complaints about parking. No, it isn't a soulless strip mall that houses chain restaurants - you may have to walk a couple of blocks when you come "all the way" downtown, lol.

  2. I dunno, because East Lawrence schools are constantly targeted for being shut down first? Our kids are shuffled around like playing cards, while our centers of community are destroyed one by one? Three generations of my family have lived in East Lawrence, and we've had to fight the entire time to get our kids the help they need, and to keep our schools open.

  3. The infrastructure thing feels true. They spent years redoing curbs and gutters headed east down 23rd. Took about 2 years just out front of McDonald's, Checker's at Louisiana nightmare. Got to the bridge about Barker packed up the cones and went home. East of Haskell on 23rd still doesn't have storm gutters.

  4. Didn't know there was a hate towards the area. I like this side of town, only pain is getting downtown at certain times.

  5. it all started with stealing our tax base. The city and developers let old Lawrence pay for new Lawrence. But the new West Lawrence doesn't seem to be able to return the favor and does things for example like having highways installed just for their convenience, or raiding the school board's budget to close all the schools in every other part of town except west. Malfeasance and fraud. but to me it's the architectural ugliness that stands out. Congratulations you now look exactly like Lenexa or Olathe. Somehow I thought you could rise to something higher than that. I don't think it's really hate, I think it's disappointment. Lawrence just seems to miss every time opportunity to make itself unique in anyway. That's part of the mentality of corporate suburban conformity. I'll give Lawrence one star out of five on the social responsibility index, down from about a three that I would've given them in 1995.

  6. Yeah, I get what you mean there. But before I moved which I hate I'm still questioning their decision to move the bus stop away from downtown to Bob Billings Parkway..

  7. what money? The schools in the city don't have enough money to function, so how can you say any part of Lawrence has money? I would say they're a bunch of phony people pretending to have money, if they don't have enough money to pitch in and help take care of their community. I wish they hadn't built West Lawrence I wish they would've built their own town somewhere else. They don't fit in. All the money is in the banks in the business and the real estate, and the beautiful old homes in Lawrence at the University, etc. west Lawrence may represent things but one thing it doesn't represent is a lot of money. It's just a huge joke

  8. I just want to move back to Lawrence. I'm in Winfield now and there is nothing here. Not even a neurologist or bone doctor for my husband.

  9. Not sure it's hate it's just a really basic, nice area. A bit exclusive in parts, but some people need that for their lives to be complete, lol. I'm sure it appeals to some people. I think most people would say that the unique areas that draw people to lawrence are east of Iowa - campus, downtown - old west, east, pinckney, Brook creek, oread, and north lawrence neighborhoods are all distinctive places. It's a cool, diverse (for kansas, lol) small city. I think the place would be a whole lot different if everything east of Iowa disappeared than if everything west disappeared.

  10. I think the other thorn in everyone's side, who has lived in Lawrence, is that West Lawrence was planned without community input. The developers had the blueprint for years before the city authorities found out about it, and they've been selling properties with the promise of all the new infrastructure development, schools, highways, anything under the sun that precious West Enders might need. So when you try to run your city by secret back room, cigar smoke filled deals, and then You turn around and ask why people are upset about it?? That just sounds like you don't know the score.

  11. many people ate very opposed to urban sprawl, and yes the practical reasons, transportation, commute times, access to services, proximity to other human beings, and de facto segregation, believe it or not some white people don't feel a pressing need to be surrounded by only other white people, in the list just goes on and on. Couple that with the fact that the University of Kansas has been teaching a leading program in urban planning since the 1960s, and almost every major issue, city planners in Lawrence having ignored.

  12. As a person that grew up in Lawrence when west lawrence first came about, it was populated mostly by wealthier johnson County transplants and the like that tended to skew less liberal/left than lawrence traditionally does, and it was also the true beginning of 90s lawrence dying. Suddenly 40,000 people showed up out of nowhere and everything got really expensive and half the local businesses died. Not to mention free state and usd 497 screwing lhs for 2 decades. I mean y'all have your own hospital, police station, and a bourgeois arts center ripoff just so you don't have to share services with the rest of us "townies" who live like 10 blocks from y'all. Plus half of the people that live in west lawrence don't even work in Lawrence so you buy up our houses then drag our job markets out of town to places like Johnson County and Topeka where y'all apparently don't want to live but loooove to work at. Find me someone in West lawrence that has lived in Lawrence before 1997 and I'll find you a cocksucker from Guatemala

  13. I live in west Lawrence. I eat local. I grocery shop local. I Christmas shop local. My kids go to school in my neighborhood. We go to a local dentist and local optometrist. My wife and I both work in Lawrence. Mass Street and other establishments on the east side get lots of our business. We haven’t lived here since the 90’s, but we are invested in the local community.

  14. I was with you until the "Guatemala" thing.... not sure what that means? Maybe that's why you're being down voted, because the rest of what you said is true, but that last line is not cool.

  15. Grew up in Lawrence all my life and went to Free State. It’s because the poor side of town is being neglected because of what covid did to the Lawrence economy. They are now going to close the “east” side schools down, (lower financial districts) to compensate for the city officials miss calculating the budget they use. So basically using tax money to benefit one side of town.

  16. It’s too far away from downtown, and having to get out to west Lawrence is like a day trip. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just a little inconvenient to go to.

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