1. I started going to the Summit Downtown it’s very focused on free weights and $25 a month. It’s a no frills sort of place but they have something called the Dungeon under ground that is where the KU weightlifting team works out. It’s seldom busy and the staff is very laid back.

  2. I agree The Summit would be a good fit for what OP is looking for. Definitely wouldn't get yelled at for deadlifting down in the Dungeon, though it might not be appreciated in the main section.

  3. I love the summit! The people there are great! The KU powerlifting team meets there and the dungeon is so cool! I’ve heard they’re getting a tanning bed and the membership is super cheap for what they offer! They changed managers and the new one is constantly improving the gym!

  4. What kind of parking do they have near there? The only thing I can think of is the Vermont parking garage. Then again, I'm not over there a lot.

  5. It depends on what you are looking for. tallgrass health and wellness. You have to train there to go there but it’s brand new and so nice. Revenge fitness also just opened. I would avoid genesis health clubs at all cost they will take your money

  6. Definitely check out The Summit. They are always putting in new equipment and have friendly staff. They said on their Instagram that they are getting a tanning bed and it will be free for members to use.

  7. What kind of parking do they have near there? The only thing I can think of is the Vermont parking garage. Then again, I'm not over there a lot.

  8. Never been there but remember an article about Olympic Iron a few years ago. That's definitely the spot for bodybuilding and powerlifting. From their Facebook page, tons of free weights, Hammer Strength machines, power racks, deadlift platforms, etc. Also seems like the atmosphere you'd want if you really want to get after it. IIRC, the guy that invented the Marrs Bar owns the place.

  9. It used to be Thatchers Training centre. I thinks it's called The Dungeon now. They are the one or the mma gyms in town but they also have two or three pro level powerlifters who are trainers there.

  10. I’m in regular contact with the new owners over there and they are closing up shop July 31. They’re selling all of their equipment if anyone’s looking for some home stuff

  11. Genesis is fine if you like the whole Globogym aestetic. It's not cheap but it has a pool and thr equipment is usually nice. Classes aren't (or weren't, havent attended in a while) terrible either, and some are free.

  12. You should try the summit! They have a week free to try it out and it’s super cheap! They have a nice set up upstairs and the dungeon downstairs! They’re also getting a tanning bed if you’re into that.

  13. If you wanted to consider CrossFit to scratch that free weight itch, Kaw Valley CrossFit has excellent facilities and coaching staff. And if you hate CrossFit, forget I said anything ;)

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