1. He probably also wished for eternal youth at some point. What if we get a plot armor wish where he wins every round or he has good luck?

  2. There have to be rules about what you can wish for, otherwise I think the DGP Organization is going to seem very incompetent.

  3. Does DGP wishes got carried on to the next world? Since Ace becomes the star of the star of the star aka a working celebrity before/during the second DGP.

  4. I assume they do. Ace was still recognized by Michinaga this episode, despite it being a whole new world. It's probably a case of "a wish that contradicts a previous wish overwrites the old one" or something to that effect.

  5. I guess the previous winner doesn’t have to fight again to protect the world where their wish is granted, Ace just choose to fight again and again

  6. Was he a working celebrity?? He didn't do an ounce of work iirc, he was just celebrated everywhere he went.

  7. I was wondering about this too, but the DGP rounds start up pretty quickly after the last one ends, so it seems kind of unfair to have people compete over a wish that will just be overwritten after another month or so.

  8. Tsurumi asked how long his (current) wish will last and Geats said "so long as he is the God of Desire so forever" And despite that being played off as a joke, I'm pretty sure that wasn't a joke and that each of Geats wishes remain so long as Geats remains the winner of each DGP

  9. I thought they said that if you win the DGP, then you keep your wishes. So Ace just needs to keep winning, and he'll always be a celebrity.

  10. Nah it’s been confirmed that he was in more than 4, if u go back to one of the early episodes (I’m pretty sure it’s ep 1 but i’m not sure) you’ll see the game master looking at multiple screens that show Ace winning the dgp.

  11. That bottom one is a genius, cuz if he loses, there is a chance he will not get invited. But with that he will always come back with his desire.

  12. Yeah you may be right. I used to think they had to keep fighting to defend their wishes but if your wishes pass on over to the next world then there's really no point in defending it unless someone is trying to ruin your desired world.

  13. I don’t think that’s the case. We know the Jamato exist regardless of the Riders and mankind. Ace just put himself in a position where he’s always recruited for the next game by being technically immortal. And the Jamato appear to be exactly what Tsumuri labeled them as; monsters invading our world.

  14. So....I was right. Ace is trapped by his own desire. To the point that he basically can't stop playing. He won't stop. Even if he finds his mother, if she's still alive at this point, he likely still keep playing the DGP. He is nothing but desires without purpose now.

  15. Those 2 are honestly genius. He is invited even if he loses and then he is able to live with his necessities guaranteed which means he can purely focus on the gdp. There's also his recent wish which lets him subtly collect information on how the gdp is done.

  16. mfer complaining about being stuck on DGP for millenia Also this guy: "I want to play the DGP until I die" 🤓

  17. I'm starting to think that we can't believe Ace has played every single game since he first began in the DGP, despite that wish to "Continue fighting". We also can't simply assume that was his very first wish either. For someone who wants to find his mother so badly why wouldn't he have wished for that first? I think wishes are carried out as written, and Ace's wish after winning his first game was something like "Take me to where I can find my mother."

  18. The reveal of some of his previous wishes brings into question why he wished to be a celebrity beyond limit testing the powers of the God of Desire.

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