1. Oh yes a football field is where you can find the best role models for children, football players are known for their great morals.

  2. Maybe she’s talking about the rich white owners who capitalize on young, poor black men who are either unaware of the significance of, or willing to get significant brain damage because it’s the only realistic way of lifting their family from poverty (or just getting wealthy) that they’re taught is possible for them? Or the NFL executives who knew about the seriousness of CTE for years before communicating it to players in order to protect the profitability of the NFL?

  3. Hahahaha right??? The NFL is trash and football fans can be outright horrendous. She’s just trying to appeal to the hard working amurican’s around their tv every sunday night😂🙄

  4. Waaaaaaaaaay worse shit. And I’m a huge football fan. This bitch is out of her mind if she thinks football players are role models.

  5. I'm so tired of hearing about Bethenny. Sometimes I agree with her but lately she always has something to say as if her shit doesn't stink. Please. No one booed her because she's irrelevant. She seems to think she's on the same fame level as the kardashians. Really not liking her after finding out she's sending cease and desists to content creators. It seems like she thinks she's the only one allowed to have an opinion

  6. Yeah she just comes off as a big hypocrite, and her argument here is nonsensical. I feel like she's speaking on the KJs to propel her own relevance.

  7. Realistic role models like sexual assaulters (Deshaun Watson and the Browns and MANY others) and people who abuse their own children (Tyreek Hill)? I mean even a little bit of research before saying some stupid shit like this would have saved her some embarrassment. I won’t get on my soapbox about the NFL here, but people are so stupid sometimes.

  8. Honestly. Since when are the parents at NFL games the pinnacles of parenting? Completely separate mess from the KJs.

  9. I had the exact same thoughts. The NFL is not some paragon of virtue. If you throw (or catch) football good, they’ll even help you with your shitty behavior and crimes. I still think the Texans got their hands dirty in helping Watson move on.

  10. LMFAO!!! i’m not one to kiss kim’s ass, but football fans want realistic ‘role models’???? how many football players beat their wives/girlfriends and the nfl turns a blind eye?????

  11. Lmao football fans are just football fans this isn’t that deep. There are way worse people on football fields than the Kardashian’s in the stands btw, since she wants to make the fans seem all high & mighty. Deshaun watson about to take the field in a few weeks…..

  12. My tag line has always been, and remains, that the Karjenners have a million valid flaws and critiques. We don’t need to create new ones just to be contrary. This is a dumb take. Sports fans will boo anyone for anything. My 90 year old grandma would be booed at a football game if they got the opportunity. People just act a certain way at sporting events lmaooo it literally is not that deep Bethenny

  13. Gotta remain relevant somehow. Now she is pivoting to appealing to the parents of KJs fans in an attempt to bond over how awful they are. Little does she know all their haters are some of their biggest fans

  14. "the superficial land of fashion" bothers me so much. Fashion gets overlooked and is even despised but it's essential to every day life, it's a way of expressing ourselves, it's a fucking form of art. Miranda Priestly rant

  15. That's most (I SAID MOST, NOT ALL, IF IT DOESN'T APPLY LET IT FLY) of the women who hate the KarJenners because it's popular to hate them, let's be honest.

  16. Bethenny has been after the Kardashian's for a while now. She's vicious. Maybe she's jealous? Seems like her time would be served better doing something else.

  17. If she wants to use other women to stay relevant she should just go back on housewives because this Kardashian's thing of hers just a weird.

  18. I used to love Bethenny but she’s becoming a douche bag. She’s going after the kardashians for attention. And let’s not forget how many football fans had an issue with taking a knee so I wouldn’t consider them some amazing humans with great moral compasses ffs

  19. As if most of those athletes are role models for their children . Bethenny Frankel is annoying and obsessed with commenting on anything Karjenners related .

  20. The most laughable part of this is that they’re booing because Kim represents unrealistic beauty standards? Lmao it’s not that deep

  21. Bethenny frankel is a miserable woman hater. NFL fans cheer for men who beat the shit out of their wives and girlfriends so I don’t know where she gets off acting like they’re generally anything less than mysoginistic assholes who hate women.

  22. She uses her body to make money. Football players use their bodies to make money. Out of those two scenarios, becoming a professional football player is less realistic. It's not so much about having "realistic role models" as it is about hating on a woman for using her sexuality to profit off of. I say this as someone that isn't even a fan of Kim.

  23. Her comment about “I didn’t get booed at the last game I went to”. Ummm of course you didn’t no one knows who you are Bethenny. 🤣

  24. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic but if not, she’s a former cast member of Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo. She’s also creator of Skinnygirl cocktails.

  25. I’m no fan of either of these women but Bethany didn’t get booed bc she’s not as recognizable as Kim. I doubt any cameras are zooming in on her during a game. That said I’m not surprised Kim was booed. Also the boo’s weren’t as loud as people are making them out to be.

  26. Ahhh yes. When I want to display morals to my children I'll drag them to an NFL game where they can watch two red faced men who peaked in highschool fist fight over a first down :)

  27. I would guess no one booed Bethenney because most of them didn’t even know who Bethenney is. Everyone in that stadium knew who Kim is.

  28. One time I was at a game and these drunk guys started booing their own team by accident for a few minutes lol. They don’t care

  29. Love how Bethenny can only get people to pay attention to her when she's shit talking other reality tv celebs, as if she's not one in the same!

  30. Well anyone can go to a football game. It’s seems petty to boo her and especially when a child shows up in the megatron or whatever it’s called.

  31. Is she forgetting she had a whole brand on being SKINNY- what a great, realistic model for children!

  32. IDK why it's weird to think that? Lebron is a "role model" Many professional athletes are people I want my sons to look up to instead of the freaking Kardashians......

  33. Bethenny threatened a small creator with a C&D simply for posting screenshots of a trademark she filed months ago, showing that this new "journey" she's on was planned. She wants to act like she's so different and above the Kardashians but intimidates people less rich than her just like them sooooo....she needs to bring her holier than thou act down a notch

  34. Lmao the hypocrisy, this is a sport that supports domestic abusers, racists and a laundry list of other shitty behaviors but they draw the line at freakin Kim Kardashian?? 🥴

  35. Bethenny is an idiot. She’s been saying some truly dumb shit recently. The truth is the majority of football fans (men 20’s to 60’s) do not give two shits about the Kardashians, they are reality tv stars with beauty lines why would these people clap for her? My dad wouldn’t know who or what any of them were or did if I asked him

  36. A quarterback almost had a seizure two weeks ago due to the nfl still not caring about cte. Football isn’t some above approach support lol

  37. She needs to stop with the moralistic virtue signalling when she’s no better than the people she’s putting down. Her behaviour would be considered bullying. At this point she looks obsessed and so bothered. She’s legit just using anything as an excuse to attack them.

  38. I’m a huge football fan so I’m just gonna drop some names here just to prove a point. I’m sure you’ll get the point.

  39. She’s a terrible person. She just made fun of Meghan Markle for being suicidal and depressed. Who does that? Skinny girl margarita tastes like shit as well. I wish people would stop liking terrible white women

  40. I can’t stand her 🙄. Also she probably didn’t get booed because no one knew who tf she was. I don’t think the whole stadium was booing her, I saw another angle were grown men were excited and taking pics of her

  41. The only time I hear about this woman is when she has Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian’s names in her mouth. Is the birch not tired bc imagine how tired we are

  42. Not sure what she was trying to say at all…but I’m pretty sure she was boo’ed because people don’t like her 😂 not for any other reason ma’am

  43. I get that an NFL game is not her target audience, but I doubt she’s getting a standing ovation any time soon on any scenario. People love to hate her, but she does not have a lot of respect.

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