1. Kim and Kate Middleton (and my mom argues Bella from Twilight lmao) reinvigorated the love of long sleeved wedding dresses. Kim’s was GORGEOUS!

  2. I alway say when I see the Kimye dress is that I don’t love it but I love it for her. It was exactly the type of dress I envisioned for her for that particular wedding.

  3. Agreed. The veil was STUNNING. I thought maybe she went with short to showcase the veil but she could have done something less tacky.

  4. Even if the hem was at the knee. The veil is gorgeous but the mini dress is meh. I mean that's my opinion and it's more important that she was happy and I don't think you can fake that kind of happiness. I like them as a couple.

  5. It reminds me of those episodes from Say yes to the Dress when the moms don‘t like a wedding dress and the consultant puts an ugly ass belt and a veil on the bride and magically everyone loves it, lol

  6. I agree tho put the hair right up / right back and it would’ve been so nice!! And even if the purple thing was in fashion it would’ve looked really nice without it

  7. I always end up disliking Vera Wang dresses because they get recreated by David’s Bridal and worn to death. Khloe’s dress looks like what so many brides wore at the time and keeps it from being special.

  8. yeah i love that veil! some people don’t like the virgin mary iconography but i absolutely adore it. maybe they think kourt’s being disrespectful

  9. I loved the tiny belt at the back of Kim's dress (when she married Ye). It was so dainty and unexpected.

  10. The first pic HANDS DOWN. Kourtney's was tacky and atrocious, and Khloe's looks like it was sponsored by Hobby Lobby. Kim's first will be forgiven for her second.

  11. THIS lol poor Khlo. I really really do NOT like that dress and the purple ribbon is kinda tacky, it could maybe be done well but I don’t love it like this. Hobby Lobby sponsored dress for real

  12. Givenchy for sure. It’s my absolute favorite celebrity wedding dress, although Paris Hilton recently came in at a close second.

  13. All of Paris's looks were great. I especially loved the long cape beaded look. It made her figure look incredible.

  14. Kim’s Givenchy dress for sure!!! Kourt’s is a close second for me but I would personally love it even more if it was a longer dress paired with that same gorgeous veil :) sooo beautiful

  15. I guess if I had to pick one it’d be Kim’s Givenchy dress but none of these are really my taste. However the mermaid style one she wore to her reception to Kris Humphries was my favorite out of all of them.

  16. Not Kourtneys. I feel like Khloe’s dress is something you can buy off the rack at David’s bridal, it’s nothing special.

  17. swear I’m the only one who actually loves kourt’s dress! I like her veil much better than her dress but I thought the dress was cute, looked good on her, and experimental/artistic! ETA also seconding the person who said Khlo’s looked sponsored by Hobby Lobby💀

  18. Me too- I love the irreverence of Kourt’s dress (though I also got married in a short dress so I guess I’m biased haha)

  19. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to find this comment to agree with:) If you think of it as a themed wedding then everything was killer.

  20. I can’t get behind the Givenchy. The top half just looks like a bib, and everything was just fine. It was a let down compared to the other amazing looks she had during her wedding build up.

  21. I agree, it shouldn’t have been a point at the waste. If it was square off and then open in the back so much nicer. That being said it’s still the best one.

  22. Kim's dress when she married Ye was stunning. She looked really beautiful on her wedding day. Kloe looked beautiful and truly happy at hers. I really hoped her and Lamar would go the distance back then. Kim's dress with Chris was not it. That entire wedding was ridiculous. Kourtney's dress was so confusing to me. I hoped with all the lengths they went to for this wedding that it would be a gothic dream. I hoped she would wear a black lace long dress with a long black veil or something. At Kourts wedding I personally thought Khloe's whole look stole the show.

  23. Kimye hands down! That gown and veil are gorgeous and elegant. Kourt looks like a cheap hooker and Khloe is just outdated. Kimye is timeless.

  24. When Khloe got married, I LOVED her dress. Now it's not my style lol. I would pick Kimye, but I'm not in love with it. I do not like Kourtney's at all. I was so disappointed with it 😭

  25. I respect Kourtney for choosing something she liked and had a hand in creating. She had a vision and she went for it. I don’t think the other dresses had the creativity and personality hers did.

  26. Sue me but I’ve always hated the Kimye dress. The cut outs and backless weird strap is so cheap to me! I can’t believe it but I think (in these pictures) it’s Kourtney’s dress I like best??!?!

  27. Kim + Chris but Kourtney’s looks so happy and flashy Vegas couture that I’m actually starting to enjoy it the most. Hands down kourt has the best veil.

  28. Kim’s dress she wore to marry Chris minus the head peice, and I love kourtneys vail and I feel like it was too much .

  29. Kim’s dress to Kanye is so beautiful. I’m in the minority that I actually like kourtney’s dress. Khloe’s is tacky

  30. this girl khloe really wore her prom dress and my girl Kourt really wore her laundry And something about Kim’s dress in the third picture… gives cupcake vibes. That being said Givenchy for pres

  31. I love Kim’s dress with Kanye but I’m in love with Kourtney’s veil! Khloe’s looks like a bridesmaid dress lol

  32. Kim’s dress designed by Givenchy. Whenever I think about wedding dress inspo for myself that dress always comes to mind for me.

  33. I didn’t really love Kim’s dress with Ye back then but as of right now it’s by far my fave of the four. Like it really was cutting edge at the time I feel and I rly don’t like Kim but in a way I do have to thank her for showing us big boobied ladies that we can actually pull off a high neckline.

  34. Honestly? I really love Khloe’s. I wanted to wear that kind of dress for my wedding. I’m always going to love that style.

  35. Kims dress to humphries + Kourts veil would've been beautiful together. Dress was simple elegance and the veil would've dressed it up

  36. Kim looks amazing in the Givenchy dress wedding photos. I don't know that I'd be wowed by that dress on the rack, but it's stunning on her. Love the whole vibe.

  37. Kourtneys veil made me rethink my wedding dress. I wanted big with chiffon layers but now I think I'm going to go fitted floor length satin with an amazing veil (not virgin Mary tho)

  38. Kourtney's. The others just lack personality and individuality. Plus, she's the only one who actually seems to enjoy and own her dress.

  39. 1.Kourtney's because it's cute and different and not all fluffy. 2. Khlole's because it's neat and I do like the pop of color, but I didn't totally like the bottom of it.

  40. Idk, never was a fan of Kim's "bib" dress and Khloe needs to re-evaluate her relationships with the people she went dress shopping with but I love Kourtney's veil

  41. Kim's 2014 one by far. Back then we didn't know what we know now -- that's 100% Kanye. If left to her own devices we get the 2011 look.

  42. I also can't stand the belt, it just doesn't look right. Also I think if the neckline wasn't so high up the top half wouldn't look so much like a bib.

  43. Oof to Khloe’s. That look isn’t it. Kimye’s was the best - and it will age the best, too. Looks a lot like my mom’s wedding dress which was her mother’s dress, too.

  44. Both of Kim’s are timeless. Khloe’s large purple bow was very big for that time period. And Kourtney’s… we all have eyes.

  45. The Givenchy dress is definitely a beautiful work of art, but I'm surprised how dated it looks to me already...I wonder if Kourtney's look will end up benefiting in the long term from not being trendy and/or not starting a new bridal trend because it will always be an outlier from it's era

  46. Kim’s 2nd dress BUT I hate the slim little belt. To me it doesn’t match at all with the beautiful lace. Kourtney would have been the clear winner if it would have been a longer dress without the diaper corset..

  47. Kim’s dresses are the only ones that are going to age remotely well. The ballgown isn’t great but with different hair/accessories it could still be really pretty.

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