1. you guys better not vote for Rob who has literally released revenge porn in addition to saying the N word and threatened people.

  2. I chose based on who I think is most corrupt bc I can’t read apparently 😭Lmaoooo the best part is that I was looking for Kris the whole time. Girl was my first choice for most corrupted 😩

  3. Ok please don't kill me for this question. I know a lot of the reasons why the siblings would be considered corrupt except Kylie. With her is it the association with Astroworld? What else?

  4. In this case, it's quality over quantity. Yeah AstroWorld may be just one incident and the other siblings may have a higher number of corrupt incidents, but Kylie's one incident actually cost 10 human lives. Including children's lives. I don't think anything else from the other siblings beats that.

  5. If that’s the worst thing she’s done—then she’s good. It’s not like she was the creative director behind the commercial and also she’s expressed remorse and apologized.

  6. Ikr?! Kendall is bratty, mean and rude… just because she is more private than the rest of her family about her life and relationships doesn’t make her a good person.

  7. I picked Kylie cause I honestly think she wouldn’t be smart enough to be successfully corrupt, all her mistakes have come from a place of being dim witted and ignorant

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