1. I agree…I can’t see a resemblance either. Kendall is definitely her mom from neck up, but it’s harder to pinpoint Kylie although her and Kendall look a lot alike to me.

  2. Stormi favours this Kylie so much...I mean if Travis looks up one day I might see his features to know if she looks like him too.

  3. My sister and I are a year apart in age and my parents used to dress us as twins until we were allowed to pick our own clothes, they said it was easier/cheaper than having separate outfits. Plus, it looked cute to them.

  4. My oldest daughters are 3 years apart and I always dressed them as twins. The oldest daughter always requested it.

  5. My mum used to dress my sister and I in the same outfits, she said it was so if she lost one of us she could just point to the other to describe what we looked like/were wearing to find us lol

  6. They’re not ballet slippers, they look a little like “play shoes” to me - Kylie’s also not wearing a leotard or tights and Kendall is so my guess is the picture is from some kind of little show that Kendall’s ballet class gave and Kylie wanted to wear something similar (or Kris wanted her to lol) to what Kendall wore to perform.

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