1. They don't even want to kill the story or else Kris wouldn't have vetted and approved the sex tape question being asked on air. Kris killed the Corey cheating story. They want the press so s2 gets bigger ratings and they get approved for s3 and get a fatter Disney paycheck. This is why Kim's so bitchy to her sisters and the 'work' comment. She'll do anything with her personal life/history for fame. Kim and Kris don't actually care about erasing her sex tape from the public consciousness at this point that's why s2 had that scripted Roblox deal/moment. Kim does not actually care about law school as a real way to legitimatize herself or gain respectability. She's always wanted attention. Period. And this sex tape feud will ramp up around the premiere and then die down afterwards as it always does.

  2. Do you think they’ll even address it in season 2? Like is she gonna go on a talk show and have this whole dramatic thing about how she lied or will she just ignore it for as long as possible?

  3. Ray J waited too long to expose them. They are too powerful to lose what they have now. He can clear his name tho

  4. I feel like this is different .. this is proof . Like we can al Speculate and know for sure she hasn’t had a bit of Botox and a DROP of mascara , this is different . This is literal proof , contracts. Signatures.

  5. Only by the people who claim to hate them but will still be in this sub 24/7. No one really cares about this lol he ain’t exposing shit

  6. Listen I would love to see Kim kardashian and kris Jenner canceled, but there needs to be some good press coverage to get his story out there and gain public opinion and dissent. I don’t know what the story is right now and I don’t have any interest in going on his Instagram to find out. I’m going to need a good narrative written by journalists to sort through what is their actual crime was against humanity. I also wonder if their fame has eclipsed this scandal. I watched the episode where Kanye went and got the laptop and brought it to Kim in New York and I was thinking, what’s the big deal? Who cares? It’s been like 20 years

  7. i feel like since it’s like 20 years later, no one really cares anymore. he’s too late with saying it all now because they’ve got much more power than him currently. maybe if he said something when it all happened, something would’ve happened. but right now, no one really cares.

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