1. It's especially horrific considering that he threatened her by telling her that she wouldn't get anything. And he probably knew that wasn't true. This has to be a man who has spoken to lawyers about child support prior to this. He could open a family law firm with Nick Cannon and Elon musk.

  2. The fact that this woman gave the baby his last name is PATHETIC! A man told you no to the kid, had no interest, wanted you to get an abortion & has not seen baby since birth why give him privilege?

  3. Yea so sad. He’s gonna know from the start who his daddy is and that his daddy wants nothing to do with him. If no one tells him, other kids will torture him about it soon enough. Heartbreaking all the awful situations he will have to experience bc of who his dad is and what happened.

  4. Trashcan is trash obviously, but the women who are (seemingly) getting pregnant on purpose (not just in this instance) are not innocent either. I've read, but I could be wrong, that most of them stop working once they have the kid and tbf if they do get paid, they get paid a lot.

  5. If his mom loves him, he'll be OK. Definitely have trauma from his shit dad, but it's very important to remember that single moms can raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids, too!

  6. Exactly, he might have been able to redeem himself SLIGHTLY if he just owned up to what he did AND took responsibility for his baby. To me though, he face is emotionless and I’m convinced he’s unable to love people, his kids (and yes, prince and true) included. He just doesn’t seem all there.

  7. Tristian is trash but he literally told her from the jump he wasn’t gonna be involved. Like we knew this was how it was gonna be 😭😭😭

  8. I doubt this, Maralee’s child was born in December last year and she still hasn’t shown him. She probably found out about Khloe’s surrogate pregnancy along with the rest of the world last month. Doubt she was waiting all this time just to reveal Theo when Khloe reveals her son.

  9. obv tristan is a trash can, but any woman who raw dogs with a pro athlete in a high profile relationship, gets pregnant, is told the things she was told, like….idk i think her audacity is simultaneously inspiring and disgusting. maybe that’s the wrong take but i’m high af, sorry.

  10. I’m gonna go on a limb here and say that yeah Tristan was in a high profile relationship, but he wasn’t no Lebron James. Pretty sure Lamar was more “high profile” for being on the Lakers with Kobe.

  11. Nah ur 100% right lmaooo like she had the baby for clout anyone who argues against it is dumb. Why would you have a baby with someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you otherwise. She a hoe

  12. Well he did say he wasn’t going to be in the child’s life so she needs to collect her check and move on. Stop staging pap pics and providing tabloids updates. She already damaged her son by giving him a father who disowned him before he was born. Unfortunately Tristan is only obligated to pay child support. Courts can’t force him to be in Theo’s life.

  13. Don’t forget she also gave the baby his last name after he has already said he didn’t want to be part of the kids life. So now Theo gonna have to go through life being reminded of his absent father. I find it very difficult to have any sympathy for her in any of this. Theo is the only victim here

  14. and that’s why he’s twisted. Man up and take responsibility for not keeping your dick in your pants the night your beloved koko threw you a 30th party. Maralee defs wasn’t the only person he was cheating with. She’s just the only one who fell pregnant.

  15. Both of them are so annoying tbh. Like he's trash and she just sucks for forcing this situation on her son.

  16. Right.. Tristan is obviously trash but tbh atleast he was straight up with her from the start that he wouldn’t be involved in the baby’s life and she chose to carry out the pregnancy anyway. Of course that was her choice but wtf was she expecting? No one should be surprised about this.

  17. Theo if you're reading this in 15 years, this wasn't fair to you at all and you deserve better parents :(

  18. Dang it’s clear he rlly regrets having the kid and won’t be a part of its life this is so sad it’s all public and the child will realize this one day

  19. Wow. Trashdick really meant it when he said he'll never be a part of Theo's life and that he'd grow up without a dad? I feel bad for the baby 💔

  20. I would be humiliated to constantly be this ridiculed about being such an unethical scum but I guess nothing bothers this man

  21. She got what she wanted. He is doing what he wants. The poor baby is suffering in all these and probably goes ahead to develop daddy issues in future.

  22. He made it clear he wanted no involvement with that child yet Maralee went and named him Theo Thompson. She doesn't has an ounce of decency. That kid came directly to a trauma and she is an active person in this.

  23. Why do women keep having sex with this man? These poor poor babies and mothers. Tristan is more than just trash he is God awful. All these babies might grow up without their siblings too. So sad.

  24. Probably for the best honestly. Maybe she can find a good man and he can be a positive role model for her son. Theo will still find out about this one day. Maybe things will change.

  25. She knew what she was signing up for...Both take responsibility, but one side thoughf of sexual gratification and ego stroking while she thought of trapping/security/clout for life. The kid is innocent victim. What sane person does this?

  26. The fact that this woman gave the baby his last name is PATHETIC! A man told you no to the kid, had no interest, wanted you to get an abortion & has not seen baby since birth why give him privilege?

  27. I know every party involved is pretty much scum, but i find it incredibly gross that Khloe would willingly have another baby by this man knowing that he hasn’t even met this one!!!!!!! I get it. He sucks & maralee sucks and it’s an outside baby, but feeling superior to the other woman because he doesn’t claim this kid is so disgusting to me. Trashcan needs to man tf up. Stop making babies you aren’t willing to parent!!!!!!!! A child support check is nice, but having daddy issues is not. Fuck this guy. Seriously.

  28. I don't know why people assume protection wasn't used. Surely adults are aware even if a condom was used that it's not 100% effective, right? Right???

  29. I totally agree!!! It’s weird to me that she’s getting equal hate as Trashcan and being put on the same level as him. If anything, he’s treated her badly and caused her distress.

  30. Unpopular opinion but he is doing nothing wrong. She knew damn well when she got pregnant and then had the baby that he wanted nothing to do with the baby. She made the choice to have a baby with somebody who didn’t want it therefore it’s now her job to raise the baby by herself.

  31. Being a cheater is shitty. Choosing to not be in your child’s life is so far beyond shitty that I can’t even think of a word for it. What a terrible human.

  32. I never heard of Maralee before this whole cheating and baby situation came out, does anyone know if she’s the type to do all this with hopes of getting famous???

  33. She knew he didn’t want that kid from the beginning of her pregnancy. She had him anyway. Now the kid is fatherless and rich.

  34. Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.

  35. My hope is she meets a great man who loves that baby as his own. He’s better off without a father who doesn’t even want him

  36. Well the relationship can’t be forced. It sucks he hasn’t met or bonded with the baby. The first year is such a unique and crucial bonding time for parent and baby. You can’t get this time back. But at least he’s stepping up and supporting the kid. I hope Maralee sets as much as possible aside for the baby’s future.

  37. Honestly forget now! The kardashians suck! I’m going to wait 20 years from now.. if I still care lol! there is going to be real drama, the babies all grown.. the left out child, the money , drugs.. it will be something ! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  38. I get Khloe wants to back Tristan and their family. But a guy that does this to her and then can’t be man enough to be a dad to his new baby.. how can she want to intentionally reproduce with him.? Hopefully this mom is strong enough for him and he gets to see a real man step in and be an example for him. Especially in the world we live in today. Sorry for everyone involved with him. He seems terrible.

  39. Just the fact that he acknowledges certain children but not others is absolutely fucking awful and speaks volumes about his character. He is a deadbeat and I hope he (deep down) knows this.

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