1. yep i recently had this done and i feel like i look like a 🤡 every time i smile. never again 🥹 im sure it works for some people though who have a super gummy smile

  2. I said it on a different post, doesn’t it look like they photoshopped Holly Madisons face into this pic? Please someone tell me you see it

  3. You know how in some horror movies, they use that effect where the evil person smiles and their face just keeps stretching out too much and it looks all scary? Thats what top right reminds me of.

  4. That’s what I’m sayingggg! And everyone trying to say it’s makeup, lol. I have been a professional makeup artist for over 10 years. Yes nose contour can absolutely give the illusion of a slimmer nose. It cannot however change the size of your nostrils or elongate the tip of your nose

  5. Her nose looks so short I'm not sure how those shades stay on! And it looks even shorter in the photo on the left. Everyone keeps saying it's the mouth and the cheeks but good God her nose looks like it's from another planet!

  6. She’s literally doing different expressions and mouth movements in each pic, one her eyes are open, one her eyes squinting, and glasses in the 3rd. They all look different but look exactly like Kim, they could also be all different filters.

  7. It’s an exaggeration that they look like different people, buuuut she looks creepy in that too right photo. The botched nose, the weird smile.

  8. The picture on the left came out today I think? Everyone is saying it looks nothing like Kim. The two pics on the right are within the last week. What is going on? Her nose and mouth are COMPLETELY different. It’s not even subtle. It’s insanely obvious

  9. Doesn’t matter if a photo came out today, it could have been taken 2 months ago. Beats people may have had editing control.

  10. I’m a makeup artist and have been for 10+ years. Makeup does not change the structure of your nostrils or make the tip of your nose longer

  11. I’m a professional makeup artist. Have been for 10+ years. Makeup doesn’t change the structure of your nostrils.

  12. Kim on the left sort of looks like pre-2014 Kim again. I think she’s had most of her bad procedure undone + a chin implant to return it to its original size.

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