1. I remember before the get your ass up and work comments I think that was when it started changing, Kim was the sub favorite for a long time. She was called the nicest, smartest, sister with the most growth, mature etc. It’s been one thing after another that she’s said or done and it’s really changed here

  2. Bruh almost everyone in this sub agreed they were not going for a long run and it was a rebound, but all of a sudden some people are hot and bothered they broke up…. Like make it make sense

  3. i used to be here constantly but we were fully overrun by screeching teenagers and ppl who genuinely think they’re doing something by “calling out” a celeb family

  4. I have always felt that way. I love the Kardashians but I hate SOME of the company I have to keep when I want to find out more and talk about them. There are cool people here too though.

  5. They did? Lol they should be embarrassed of themselves because now they’re here behaving just like the Kanye stans.

  6. She has done praiseworthy stuff in the past, but I'm drawing a blank on anything from the past couple years.

  7. Im actually over the Kim dragging at this point. She says something controversial, by all means drag away, but now it’s literally just coming off as hate. This sub wants Kim to be sad and miserable because her and Pete broke up but why? Like why do you feel like she deserves to be miserable? And I wish people would stop talking about her hands and things she’s “lame” for doing because she’s a woman in her 40s. I wish the sub would just chill sometimes

  8. The way I see it, it started off by making jokes about them. It was all good trashing their ex's and the rest of their universe but now people want to pump the breaks on bashing them AND the K/J's. It was all good up until then.

  9. How are his Stan’s dragging her? They’ve been saying how a lot of them feel. They’re happy he got away from her fishbowl lifestyle and clearly being away in Australia for a couple of months cleared his head and he prob ended it while she was pumping out “stepdad stories”. It’s not hate Kim seems exhausting as a partner.

  10. People just hate Kim/the kardashians in general. I can't imagine using my energy to hate people I don't even know. The amount of reaching people do in these subs is crazy.

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