1. I don’t think it’s a “rebrand”, it’s very simple PR because Kylie was becoming less interesting as an individual. It is the same reason why she needs Stormi to sell products and has suddenly become so active and on social media.

  2. I feel like the rebrand is not for Travis’s fans but for Kylie’s audiences so she’s able to continue posting him without it hurting “the family brand”.

  3. was thinking this too after he sold out 2 shows in London and like $1m in merch. what does he have to gain career wise by faking this relationship...

  4. It’s just weird cause they’ve never truly been together Ans why else all of a sudden turn into a couple when you were just going to release and article stating the exact opposite and how happy you were. Now I’m not saying that his rap career was diminishing and he needed a re-brand for that specifically, but I do think after astroworld, he needed a diff look. He’s being sued and perceived as a careless fuck and wants the world to go east on him. He’s never spent this much time with Kylie before and never cared too. It’s all too “coincidental” and with his life in Kris Jenners pocket, I don’t doubt something else is at stake.

  5. You’re absolutely right. Gaga and Taylor Swift rebrand before every album launch. It’s part of their success.

  6. All of this! Plus the rebrand/PR is for securing or saving endorsements, the upcoming court cases, and separating his name and google searches away from astroworld.

  7. Most of the narratives they try to push are excessively fucking dumb and born out of just hating the Kardashians and trying to rationalize and self soothe.

  8. You speak for the entire hiphop community? And you do not care that a 9 year old boy was literally stomped to death along with 9 other people?

  9. i agree. i think this all the time. like…ok if he was trying to rebrand……..so? it doesn’t change anything in actuality. if kylie wants to play house with travis and post about it ….who fucking cares

  10. Your right in the sense people didn’t care but this still is a re-brand. Both for Kylie and himself. Think of it, right before astrowwold, they were releasing an article about NOT being together for years and how it works for them. That’s the true TRAVIS Scott and how he wants to live his life. Now all a sudden it’s scrapped and he’s a family man?? No. Truth was, he needed damage control after astroworld and Kylie was already losing public interest. I’m almost wondering if that’s why she got pregnant (Something I also felt was strategic on her end) by someone who cares very VERY little for her. It all works out for her cause Travis, which ppl predicted, needed to take negative attention off of him and how do you do that?? By running to ur baby momma.

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