1. lmfao at this point even we count as the “super close, reliable source” with the way they throw that word around

  2. I followed Amanda for a while and used to find her somewhat informative and entertaining as just gossip news. But can’t stand her lately. She’s become BFFs with deux moi and up the kardashian ass. Just annoying. I was shocked when the break up news happened and she didn’t spend all weekend talking about theories, snarking on it, gossiping,. She was oddly quiet considering she spends day and night on Instagram. I nicely asked her if it was because they follow her now and she blocked me. Literally said nothing mean or rude. 😂

  3. They both do. Both teams denied it. I have no idea why people are still out here believing radar online.

  4. Yes lol earlier i commented elsewhere that i didnt believe it and people were like.. he proposed to ari after weeks... this is what he does.. etc etc

  5. & this is exactly what would’ve happened friday if the breakup rumors had been false lol. i hope everyone has accepted that kete is no more

  6. Bummed for what? Pete’s career is thriving and he’s a rich, famous, single man in his 20s. He’s probably down under living his best life.

  7. This is such a god damn mess. Someone needs to come gather kim n co. Quick. They have to be drunk. All of them. The media is so back n forth/up and down I feel like I’m drunk.

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