1. She is a beautiful little girl but I do worry about how she’ll fair growing up in a family where everyone wants to be as small and as shapely as possible. It looks like she’ll have a powerful athletes build and that’s not something you can change. Hoping that Khloe doesn’t let her see the insecurities she has around her own size.

  2. I just wanna know what all it takes to get those balloons put up, photographed, and then taken down. What happens to them when they are done with them? I can just see some assistant having to pop them all and then tossing them into the KJ balloon graveyard. It's right next to the dead flower graveyard, I'm sure.

  3. What I really wanna know is, how did she lose so much weight? And if it was this easy to lose, why didn’t she do it earlier considering all the crap she got - especially when everyone labelled her as the “fat sister”? (Disclaimer: I am in no way saying she needed to lose weight in the first place, just very curious as to the timing and seemingly low effort-ness of it all).

  4. surgery, dieting, & exercise. i’m sure the surgery made it easier, but probably not still exactly easy to lose. plus it took quite a while between the actual weight loss & recovery time from the surgeries.

  5. Here's my theory, no one come for me... I think she has an undiagnosed ED or at least has struggled with them and goes in and out. I say this as someone who literally has switched between a couple different EDs in my lifetime (and still battle them) and i know how it works. I am not judging her for it or commenting on her looks in a negative way. I'm just giving my experience and seeing similarities in Khloe.

  6. Have you ever been through such a bad breakup that you can barely eat or shower? I’m guessing she’s going through a lot of heartbreak and doesn’t have appetite

  7. Is Chi in blue so this pic can match Kim’s pink and blue aesthetic on her IG? Can’t make Khloe’s birthday all about her… gotta make sure Kim’s feelings are included.

  8. I hope she doesn't project her issues with weight and being skinny on to her daughter. But am afraid she will, even if she doesn't mean to.

  9. Her birthday was a week ago. Jeez. For someone who said she doesn’t like celebrating their birthday and bringing attention themselves I would have never had guessed.

  10. I mean she looks good but also she facetuned herself into a Stepford wife or maybe a Fembot?? For sure not human.

  11. Is there such a delay in her playing these bc she was waiting for the photoshop team to send them back to her?

  12. Man I’d love to see Khloe in like a ripped up tshirt and jeans and heels, or in disheveled hair and a cool loose dress. I’m so over their polished looks lately with the skintight latex, it’s so embarrassing and not fashionable.

  13. I love that she looks so comfortable and happy in that dress! Ive had literal nightmares about wearing a dress like that and getting trapped trying to take it off lol I'd be so scared you'd have to cut me out of it after a party!

  14. Has Khloe ever admitted to a breast job? It seems very obvious she's had one in these photos

  15. Damn she has to look at the spitting image of that bastard who wronged her everyday. Id honestly try to make it work to avoid losing my sanity as well.

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