1. Definitely but she’s also 40 years old now, a mother of 4 who has been married multiple times. It’s not surprising that she has a different energy/vibe.

  2. when you watch those early seasons, you understand what the big deal was about Kim and how she managed to make her whole family famous . insanely pretty

  3. Part of me wonders if she got all the procedures she did because she looked in the mirror and wanted to change some things and now after the show took off, she simply just now had the money and was able to, or was it like a Khloe thing where she didn’t see anything wrong with herself, but then the pressure from the outside made her insecure ?

  4. I think they are both insecure but Kim more likely tried to fix small “imperfections” and over time that changed what made her face unique whereas Khloe wants to look different

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