1. Even if she was out and about (she wasn’t) so what? A lady can’t grab a coffee somewhere decent or go home and put on clean clothes and shower if her family member is stable. They’re trying to trash her on a lie but even if she was out running an errand so what?

  2. Exactly. Jesus even I had to leave my baby occasionally with the nurses (with their permission) for some fresh air and lunch, I wouldn’t think twice if she left Travis alone for a bit to sort shit at home 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. The only person it should matter to is Travis. If he knows she was there, who cares about anyone else? Obviously this means she was definitely not there the whole time or she would have said nothing. She’s so embarrassed she had to say this.

  4. Honestly disgusting. And to the tabloid rags that ran the stories. People go out when family is in hospital if just for 5 minutes of 'oh my fucking his I need to do anything'

  5. I don’t understand how they can’t be charged with like stalking? I mean they follow the celebs cars! Is it because they’re a “business”?

  6. Wouldn’t even address them, like who would even cares if she was outside while Travis was in the hospital? Sometimes you have to take a breather and thats ok.

  7. I do get her point on this but it’s also often also printed how she always ditched her kids yet she has no desire to really clear that up on her stories but god forbid we think she’s a bad wife

  8. Why is this so true?? Like I haven’t personally seen her deny any “fake” stories about her ditching her kids, doing pda even tho it makes her kids uncomfortable yet she is so quick to talk about this 🤔 even though she, Travis and the rest of their family know she didn’t leave his side

  9. This is the paparazzi’s narrative of Kourtney. That she’s the bad absent mom that is selfish. Shit, they even play it up on the show.

  10. Serious question: what impact did it even have on them? She, Travis and their family all knew they were false. What did impact did an article posting with old photo saying she was running errands have?

  11. I was shocked she had “sources” rush to correct it. Like is she a bad person if she leaves to shower and see her kids?

  12. I guess when you’re scared for your loved one, your alarms are all up and you can be easily triggered. You feel defensive and hurt because you’re already vulnerable.

  13. Paparazzi didn’t help Princess Diana after her car crash. They just kept taking pictures of her unconscious body. That’s all you need to know about paparazzis. They are the scum of the earth.

  14. Yea honestly, I don’t feel bad. She and her whole family monetize off of other people. But it’s shameful when the paparazzi do it? Kourtney, go touch some grass

  15. First of all she’s absolutely right and it was a gross move by the paparazzi. But second of all it’s rly rich of Kourtney to say a word about exploiting anything for money when she and her family have pushed many harmful products (weight loss pills, flat tummy tea, etc.) for their own gain. Third of all while I agree that paparazzi are scum, she and her family have been dependent on them to become famous, so she doesn’t rly get to pick and choose when she gets the perks of fame vs the drawbacks. Glad she got to clear this up though and that Travis seems to be doing okay now.

  16. This is just so stupid. Why is she so desperate to be seen as completely enmeshed with this man? He’s in the hospital, not like she’s the one keeping him alive or performing his health care. He wasn’t on the edge of death the entire stay. If he can’t stand to be away from her for an hour so she can do some self care, that’s sick. Also, he has kids that I’m sure were just as comforting to him and maybe would have liked a bit of time alone with their father who they almost lost once.

  17. is there like a badge of honor that gets you a special spot in heaven if you prioritize your partner over literally everyone even ur kids? or over hygiene?

  18. This is the most nothing burger for them this week. People don’t think any more or less of you than they did before sweetie. And her “profiting off our nightmare”- does your entire family not profit of the fear of women? lol. God get over yourself.

  19. Her fame and life depends on paparazzi and attention though. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Can’t only attack the paparazzi when they are taking pics you don’t like. If you don’t like the paparazzi you should consistently say that.

  20. It’s not that she “didn’t like” photos they took- it’s that they sold images from weeks ago claiming they were of her out and about while Travis was alone in the hospital. Completely different scenarios and pretty fucked up

  21. It wasn’t about taking pictures she “didn’t like” - they lied and made up a story about her? But it’s okay because she’s famous…?

  22. That kinda makes me love her more. She’s willing to stand up against something she’s reliant on, to fight for her love for her husband.

  23. 1000000000% agree. I hate the idea of paparazzi but you can’t be ok with them one day when they’re in your side and the next hate them cause they’re not on your side anymore

  24. If you didn't read Travis's book, when he went to the hospital after that crash he was a monster to the staff and expected his wife (who he was still cheating on in the hospital via email) to stay there constantly. Like, literally you can't leave me even when she found all his cheating emails.

  25. I read it and he did say he wasn’t the best to the staff at first but he was speaking out of pain …It was what they had to do but peeling skin off his body constantly and putting it on other areas and 27 surgeries later and the pain relief not working,I understand.He said the doctors understood too and he has gone back several times to visit patients there and doctors who save his life.He’s made many donations to the hospital and has thanked them for there care during that time…

  26. Kourtney's my favorite by far. Most interesting to look at and personality wise too. Happy for her and Travis'marriage. They deserve some happiness.

  27. ☝️ and anyone with any gut issues w/pain in hospital you don’t leave them too long. Kids are surely w/their dad. Stop it.

  28. Also it’s not like she’s doesn’t have kids at home. Had she gone home to check on them or I don’t know take a shit in her own bathroom, who cares?!

  29. She's an idiot. She wouldn't have her $$$ without paps. Plus, nobody cares one way or another if she out or with the drummer. Much ado about nothing....as usual

  30. Absolutely fair enough what she’s saying. But, she has changed so much since she’s been with Travis! Thought this post was really unlike her, I don’t know why I felt a bit weird about it. “Savagely uncool”. She just strikes me as over obsessed with Travis.

  31. It is definitely unlike her - she's always been the poster child for not giving af what other people think. But they are completely enmeshed and her identity has basically disappeared as she's become an extension of him.

  32. She really is! And he’s love bombing her, of course she feels like they’re in a fairytale right now but I’m curious to see if he continues this way or grows tired of her.

  33. The only thing I don't get is that if they clearly wanted to be left alone by paps why the fuck was everyone INCLUDING Travis posting to the world about this "emergency"?

  34. Agree with you that no one should care if she left the hospital for a bit. But her post isn't saying that she's upset the paparazzi photographed her, nor is she denying that her family has publicized Travis's hospitalization. She's upset that the paps misrepresented what she's been doing in the current situation and making money off of that lie.

  35. The paps are no longer the beast they used to be, now you only get papped if you want to be papped. Getting paped is playing fire with fire. People would forget they exist if they werent constantly getting papped. They are biting the hand that feeds them.

  36. Wait, no body has ever said she has left his side. Whatever I have read have reported that she hasn’t left his side at all since he was hospitalized. What is she going on about? She has to be renamed Karen Kardashian

  37. It is also savagely uncool to lie about vitamins and products so that you can feed your family (and live luxuriously), but that doesn’t seem to stop her 🤷‍♀️. I’d say her and the paparazzi are more the same than she will ever admit

  38. I get what she's saying, but honestly when your walking around all over town basically screwing in public and grossing people out at their ages, a sweatsuit is a welcomed view. What's happened to her? She's unrecognizable now with her antics. I feel bad her children have to be around that nonsense. Is she becoming selfish and reckless like Scott?

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