1. I joined during the Jordyn/Tristan scandal back when this sub only had like 5k people and it was such a good vibe. Now it feels like half the sub is petty posts directed at each other.

  2. This sub is so funny. We got people doing their research posting beautifully written deep dives on celeb tea and dissertations deserving of a PhD on the psychological & sociopolitical impact the KJs and their adjacents have on pop culture, society, and themselves right next to people posting “here’s 12 reasons why Kendall has weird shins” and “do you think Kanye has met Psalm before”. I’m here for the dichotomy

  3. Same, I’m loving the chaos personally. Idk what this place was like 2-3 years ago, but there was also a shitload of more content from the KJ Multiverse. Now they’re all media “trained” and we have to let our imaginations run wild!

  4. Yep that was the prime. There was a maturity and basic humanity to the discourse and critiques. People were thoughtful.

  5. At some point it turned into stan Twitter which made it funnier but the quality of the conversations and posts are much worse for it.

  6. Ik a lot of the criticism is unhinged 😭 someone made a post about how they didn’t like they way Kylie put lip gloss on

  7. dude i was looking at posts from 2 years ago and people were so calm like i’f they liked something or disliked something it was always logical and well constructed. now it’s a long ass thinkpiece on every single thing filled with rage and no reasoning

  8. I don’t think I was here during that time. I don’t mind hearing about Chaney since it had / has something to do with Kanye, but if they broke up then I don’t have any interest there. Likewise with Jordyn, it was cool when it was relevant and had something to do with Kylie. But with no connection to Kylie, I feel like they only post Jordyn because they hate Khloe, which is cringy to me. I think Jordyn and Chaney are both uninteresting losers though lol. But I’ll keep up as long as the info is related to the KarJens.

  9. I like hearing some things about Chaney but they just post stuff like what she puts on Instagram which has 0 relation to Kanye so I don't really care about her in a random dress.

  10. 100%! If you say anything positive, you must be an irrational stan. Why?? There are too many people now who really seem to want them to suffer and fail. I dont wish negativity on anyone. Yes, if something needs to be called out, sure… but there is a lack of objectivity and constructive criticism now.

  11. It’s kills me when people write these sappy posts about…a kardashian subreddit. Same energy as thirsting after minor Kylie’s Snapchat era. Like get a grip girl, your social needs are clearly not being met irl if this impacts you to such an extent

  12. Lol so when exactly was the other Kardashian sub created because people over there say y’all been silencing different opinions that goes against certain Karjenners for awhile 🫖🍵🐸

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