1. Tbf, it takes a really long time to developer an SPF and it is very expensive as SPF is regulated by the FDA. As a skincare company she should still be encouraging spf use though—and honestly the big brands are probably gonna be a lot more trustworthy than sknn. A lot of these skincare companies really have no business making an spf.

  2. I agree that they are probably BR serums, however, Kim is known to get facials from Toska. Toska runs a BR spa but is also recently recommending/selling “Future” serums. The bottles look almost exactly the same. With the blur, I cannot tell if it’s BR or Future serums.

  3. She’s also using her OG fragrance which smells absolutely divine! My best friend had a bottle back in ‘12 and I stole a spray any chance I got!

  4. The spa I go to when I get facials done always uses the biologique placenta serum and it smells SO strong for like two days and it’s not a good smell 😭 idk if Kim uses it but now I’m imagining her smelling like it lmao

  5. Cetaphil is nice and friendly to her psoriasis. She can't use a lot of s*** that is out there in case it exacerbates her skin condition.

  6. She probably uses it on her body because of her psoriasis. That body lotion is unscented and pretty gentle/hydrating. I am surprised she uses it for some reason

  7. It truly is the best body lotion, never had smoother skin in my life til I started using Cetaphil. But yeah it's hilarious she uses that and not some family made product.

  8. Behind the Cetaphil tub with the green lid (great for psoriasis) looks like the 2010 Kim's OG perfume, Suave deodorant next to what looks like a nail polish bottle with a gold top is Olaplex and directly below that is Neutrogena lavender makeup wips

  9. Is cetaphil a good brand ? I saw my sister using them but she’s not very careful about what she puts on her face

  10. Are the black bottles behind Cetaphil perfume bottles? It looks like her own perfume in the black bottle. Would be surprised if she actually uses it lol

  11. I would love her if she wore her own fragrance, especially if it’s a throwback. Guess it doesn’t matter since you can’t smell a selfie 🙃

  12. I used to date a guy who wore secret deodorant. He was from south Brooklyn (so, not a stretch, culturally, to Staten Island), it was 2003. He was all man, just was convinced it worked better lol They’re crazy these boys

  13. That’s what she should have done! There are like 800 celebrity skincare lines, but I don’t think any of them are for problem skin.

  14. My faith in humanity is slightly restored as I see she wears the exact same extra strength sweat-whore Secret deodorant as me. I see you Kimberly, these pits are fountains!

  15. Cetaphil???!!!! Lol 😂 but wants others to spend hundreds of dollars buying her skin line, no ma’am no ham no Turkey … I’ll stick to what I know.

  16. I'm surprised to see some generic brands like secret or Cetaphil. I haven't used that stuff in forever maybe I'm more boujee 😳

  17. Boujee, I don’t know if you meant to spell boogie like boogers like snot, so I don’t know if I should correct, but just in case!!! :)

  18. I'm more of a holistic/natural type of person, just for reference. But, knowing how health conscious I'd assume this family is, I kind of can't believe she has some suave deo sitting there? I would've thought that they used something "cleaner".

  19. Tbh the only person I actually think is into holistic and clean products is Kourtney. Kim has never shown any signs of being health conscious in that way

  20. Do not trust Kim for recs. I used to assume that cause she’s filthy rich she must have access to and only use the best. Definitely not the case.

  21. Pretty sure this is a house she hired as a set for her photoshoot, pretty sure none of those products are hers considering it is not her house..

  22. I mean, I bring my own products when I travel. I usually have to put them into smaller bottles, but she has her own jet where I’m sure she isn’t beholden to the same liquid restrictions.

  23. Im p sure kylie is the only one that uses her own products especially since she originally says she makes them for herself anyways lmao. Kim know damn well she not gon put that crap on her face

  24. I swear by Roc products. I turn 40 1 month from today & I do not have a single wrinkle or crows feet or very viable pores. !!! I only started using it 3 years ago. Genetics plays a part, of course, but still! No thanks, Kim. I’ll buy your robe, but not your expensive ass skincare! Roc is very reasonably priced

  25. Not gonna lie, I’m surprised she uses Secret deodorant instead of like… the Native ones or whatever. Truly a woman of the people 🙌/s

  26. I always pause the show to see if any of their products are being used, and as of lately (at least on the new show) I’ve seen ZERO. No Kylie Cosmetics or Kylie Skin, No KKW.. nothing.

  27. I will say when Khloe was getting her makeup done for the James corden show, there was KKW body makeup and powder in factory packaging. And KKW liners in factory packaging once when Kim was getting her makeup done.

  28. Serum Authentique on bottom counter [2 different types], Clinique Take The Day Off makeup removing wipes behind those, Listerine breath strips, Suave deodorant up top, Cetaphil moisturizer, Kim Kardashian perfume, and Olapex.

  29. Don’t discount how many free products celebs get. I worked for a very high end cosmetic surgeon in Santa Monica. She got IT cosmetics, skinceuticals, dove, you name it sent to her all the time. Imagine what Kim has being sent to her to try and promote Not saying she doesn’t or does use any of those. I will say, Cetaphil and other drugstore brands are recommended if they really make a difference.

  30. Not on this counter- but I believe she said because of its “aesthetic” she loved the way it looked in her bathroom that is plain with only that on the countertops. The immediate bathroom that came to mind was the one she toured on her Snapchat story a while back, that Kanye had designed with those sinks that had to go through “tons of redesigns” im going to bet it’s in that bathroom

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