1. No, i think he can only make these jokes bc they have not hooked up lol. If they actually did fuck it would be more uncomfortable between them

  2. I’ve said it many times when this gets brought up, I noticed the chemistry when they were in the bathtub together years ago in the Hamptons. I don’t think they have or ever will hook up though. Just a mutual flirtation. She eats it up and he likes feeding it.

  3. Fully support this. They both thrive on the mutual flirting and the 'will they won't they' energy they both serve up to each to other. I think she appreciates the male attention she gets from him, and I think he appreciates the loyalty and fondness she directs at him.

  4. He looks great here!! I miss this look. I feel like he has too much filler and maybe less tan these days? Obvi he’s aged but he looks way better here and idt it’s just aging. Something else.

  5. I’ve always felt shame in the sub thinking he’s hot, definitely an ebb and flow with his hotness though over the years lol.

  6. Yeeessssss I love this era of Scott hotness. It was his peak in my mind. I didn’t think he was even slightly attractive when he was clean shaven and super arrogant in the beginning

  7. Lol more like "pressures of kim" he literally said how she like points out ev wrong with ya and makes you insecure about things you didn't even know about. An tells you like, oh you just need to get this done or a little bit of that. She's so critical and nasty about people's appearances.

  8. No. I really don’t think they have. I think they love each other and want to. I bet even part of them is disappointed they can’t. But I think they just love each other, romantically and platonically. And Scott still isn’t over Kourtney and Khloe doesn’t really like white guys.

  9. I really wish they did. My private unpopular opinion on them is that they're soulmates and would actually be very good for one another.

  10. Even the blinds support they haven't hooked up, but I don't know I half think that they'd make a great couple and fill the void that Khloe's using Tristan for and Scott uses all those younger women

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