1. I think it would be a blow to her ego having him call her out publicly. She doesn’t care what “everyday” people think. However, she certainly cares what designers think. I imagine she would now be worried if this will damage her reputation within the fashion community.

  2. Let me put it this way, if Bob Mackie loved the dress, she would’ve excitedly posted his positive comments.

  3. I think it'll sting that her wearing the dress wasn't received as well as she expected. Many people had issues with her wearing it, and it'll hurt that she didn't get what she wanted (being seen as the modern MM).

  4. Bob Mackie created a lot of iconic dresses for Cher (her idol), so I would be surprised if Kim didn’t care.

  5. There’s no way Khloe would fit that dress, Kim didn’t even fit it. Khloe is 5’10 and it would be very hard for her to get her waist that small at her height, even with all the weight she’s lost. She would literally have to be a skeleton. Marilyn’s waist was 23.5 inches, literally smaller than Kendall’s waist.

  6. They are defensive of any criticism. She’s dumb for that. Didn’t even look good anyway. Plus it shows her boredom in being so rich

  7. Plus absolutely hilarious that she couldn’t even zip it up yet still wore it 🤣 like whyyyyy?? Wearing that dumb white fur stole around her ass like a security blanket the whole time It’s peak cringe imo

  8. If I were her, I'd be embarassed and probably cry in my room lol. Someone told her it would be a good idea, but it seems like she should've talked to this guy first.

  9. Their mentalities are so freaking bizarre to me. They definitely TREMENDOUSLY about what people think/say only when it comes to appearances. Beyond that, they are never embarrassed by their actions and I find that to be so weird. I mean yeah we all care to some degree about what others think of the way we look, but I think that the vast majority of people think about more than our appearances and are also genuinely concerned with how we are perceived based on our interactions, our successes and our total failures. The KJs though, are so completely unconcerned with what people think when they act like total trash and I cannot comprehend living that way.

  10. I don’t think she necessarily cares about the actual dress or the “damage”, but for someone who seems to really want to be respected and taken seriously, I can’t imagine she truly doesn’t care what people think. She wouldn’t seek out fame if that was the case.

  11. She probably doesn’t care because she got to wore it anyways, but I’m sure it was disheartening to hear.

  12. It’s Bob f Mackie we’re talking about. It’s arguably the most important opinion outside their own. I know khloe celebrated this quietly in her room

  13. Bob Makie makes dresses with the person's personality in mind. Remember the many Cher outfits and P!nk's costumes. Kim has zero personality hence why he has never personality made a dress for her specifically.

  14. I think everyone is forgetting the dress is in a fucking Ripleys. If people were really mad they should be more mad about that.

  15. It is genuinely a tragic thing that Ripley’s and other garbage tourist traps hoard so many valuable items, especially stuff that belongs to other cultures. I’ve been in one Ripley’s and they definitely had indigenous artifacts in there.

  16. Haha fair point. I think he was more critical of someone else wearing it and it being associated with another celebrity. But I get where you’re coming from!

  17. She probably just rolled her eyes and thought "I looked fucking hot". She has people surrounding her kissing her ass. She wont care.

  18. Bob Mackie was the designer of Cher’s most iconic outfits, which was also another victim of Kim’s kopying. If Kim knows who he is, I think she’d be kinda embarrassed.

  19. I think all of this is people chasing a little extra notoriety by talking about a controversial topic. I’m not the biggest fashion person in the world by far but no one would be talking this about Marilyn Monroe or the dress and definitely not Bob Mackie if it weren’t for her wearing it.

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