1. These shots at their soccer games weird me out tbh. How are the paps allowed there? Is a Kimmy calling them? If she is that’s even weirder.

  2. They shoot pics with huge lenses. I live in the area, and my kiddo did the same soccer league. The paps are always at the games, cuz there are a bunch of celebs.

  3. Yes, she calls them, some people here on the forum were deflecting saying they only go to Saint's games because Kanye talked about the game publicly, but now they go to North's games too and Kanye never talked about them.

  4. Always people filming her and Kanye at the kids sports games it's just rank. It should be illegal to share vids/ pics of kids I don't care who the parents are and what level of fame they covet.

  5. I think it’s really weird she pays backgrid to take pictures of her sons soccer game but doesn’t admit to it and we don’t question it.

  6. They call the paps to take photos of them on their own terms in exchange for having some control over what photos are made public and for control over when photos are taken

  7. I'm so bad at spotting wigs. Could you explain lifting at the back? It looks natural to me and I want to be in the bad wig spotting club! 😭

  8. I wish she’d stop calling paparazzi when she’s with her kids. Leave them out of your insatiable need for attention.

  9. I think this is the popular opinion. Those who disagree are mainly saying that it’s bad that we praise skinniness the way we do

  10. Kim K has officially hit the age where you have to choose between your body and your face. Her body looks fantastic. Even her butt fits her body. Her head and face looked better with some of those 16 pounds she lost. She's still beautiful though! It just is what it is.

  11. I can't imagine how incredibly annoying and cringey this must be for the other parents of kids on the team. You're there trying to watch your kid play soccer and Kim Kardashian has to call the paparazzi to come take photos of her. It's so freaking weird. It's also extremely distracting when it should be about the kids.

  12. She's calling the paps to come to her child's soccer game to take pictures of her, making the game about her instead of the kids. That's not a good mom.

  13. In day light, with the blonde, with glam still and no backgrid editing … hate to say it but she looks her age.

  14. She’s looking so thin here! Is she competing with Khloe now to see who can be the skinniest? I know they enjoy critiquing each other’s weight and Kim likes to compete in that area..

  15. i’m loving the hair honestly because for ONCE it’s not perfect. nice to see her on the frizzy side… like normal people…. lol

  16. I agree Kim looks old, keep these moments to yourself! These are precious! I can’t wait till ppl stop caring about celebrities life!

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