1. For anyone who hasn’t gotten the joke and hasn’t seen Airplane (like me), I’m pretty sure I just got the joke by reading the comments and it’s this:

  2. One of my favorite scenes is when they page the pilot (Leslie Neilsen) over the loudspeaker in the airport terminal prior to the flight to tell him he has a call from the Mayo Clinic (there's a sick kid on the plane but that's a whole other set of jokes), and as he runs to the phones on the wall, they page him again to tell him Dr. Ham is on line 5 for him.

  3. Yep, the "what is it?" "it's (explanation of what thing is)" is a recurring joke in that movie, and iirc also in the sequel (aptly named "Airplane 2: The Sequel") as well.

  4. It’s not that the answer is useless (which, yes, if is), but rather, the question uses ambiguous placeholders, not being specific enough, giving the answer ample room to answer the more useless of two possibly interpretations of the question.

  5. I grew up with that movie and have been working that style of humor into my own since I was ten or eleven, but my favorite joke from it is a subtle one... the noise of the propellers whenever the plane is flying.

  6. I adore that the more times I see the film or read about it, the more I learn about the depth of the jokes in it. That there is still humor to be discovered in a 40+ year old film is frankly remarkable.

  7. This is still my favorite movie. When I drink water and spill it over myself. I will get comments like "geez, slow down". I love responding with "sorry, I have a drinking problem".

  8. 1 thing I got a share about the movie Airplane is the longest running joke that a lot of people do not know. It's not even a spoken word but it's only a sound. Anytime they show the exterior of the airplane, you'll hear the sound of an engine but it is not a jet engine, it is a prop plane engine. You're welcome.

  9. I read through the entire selection of "Airplane" quotes before I suddenly got the joke. In my defense, I picked the wrong morning to stop drinking coffee.

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