1. Any truck drivers that read this: Do you get anxiety when you see a bridge like that, even if you know you're on a highway and it will likely have proper clearance?

  2. I have no idea but I learned today that skittles changed the green one back to lime flavor from green apple just a few months ago. It was green apple since 2013.

  3. Truck drivers need to put their signal on before they even finish the pass so people know what they're going to do. It's always kind of a crapshoot with trucks because they might get over, or they might just sit there and try to pass another truck 1/4 mile ahead.

  4. Eh I somewhat agree with this, but guy in the car was for sure at fault. The truck put on its turn signal, wasn't much time between the signal and the lane change, but it was still plenty of to react if the driver of the car was doing the speed limit or being patient. It's not the truck driver's responsibility to account for someone's stupidity when they're driving, only that it's safe for those driving responsibly.

  5. At this point they need more than that. Some trucks even need to have instructions on the back of their trailers explaining to the car drivers that the blinky lights means the truck is about to turn 🤦

  6. To be fair. Target truck put his blinker on not long after he passed the cammer truck. These cameras can make gaps look bigger than they are since they have such a wide angle. Idiot decided to try and pass right about the same time target decided it was safe to move over.

  7. Especially considering the number of cars behind the truck and the clear road ahead, I'm willing to bet the Target truck had already passed 2 or 3 trucks and remained in the left lane.

  8. I always do this in my car. I want it to be crystal clear to people behind me that I am rapidly going to get out of their way so they arnt tempted to do a dumb pass.

  9. Yeah trucks suck. They think nothing of slowly pulling into the passing lane in front of cars. Just to get in front of another truck going 2 mph slower than them. They generally don’t give a crap.

  10. Or you know, we could just use a little common sense and assume they’re going to be merging back into their lane and not undertake them. There really is no need to be dense.

  11. I live by the rule to never even be on the right side of a truck unless absolutely necessary. They win every collision.

  12. I've been a trucker for just under 10 years and I've noticed a few things. If I put my blinker on well in advance, people speed up to try and stop me. If I put my blinker on at the last second, rage and flip me off. With my blinker on, and me actively changing lanes, people still try to cut around me. There's no winning with some folks

  13. Well the driver did signal before he made the lane change. The dingelberry in the car didn't want to wait for him to change lanes and tried to pass him and almost ended up in the weeds.

  14. You should know a truck is going to get back over into the right lane. If they don't it is because there is still another vehicle in the way.

  15. Only thing worse than left lane campers are the right lane passers who don’t give you a chance to get back into the right lane after passing.

  16. My guess is that this maneuver has probably happened a lot and/or recently to the cam truck driver. Fresh wounds and all that

  17. This stretch of the Mass pike is almost as dangerous as the section near the NY border. Lots of hills and no climbing lanes, and a holes that think it’s the autobahn! I work near there.

  18. I was in Italy recently and while drivers there are nuts, sensibly on many roads there were signs banning lorries from overtaking. Should just be a general rule on dual carriageways

  19. While that does seem to make sense in most cases, I don't know if that could reasonably be done in the US. The speed difference between big rigs can be pretty big. Like one truck is fully loaded struggling up a mountain going 25 or even slower while another is empty and still cruising along at 60. Combine that with the fact that our freeways can stretch for thousands of miles.

  20. Right?? I’m so confused as to why the OP is mad and honking. Because the car tried to go around the truck? Like I don’t know.

  21. I never pass a truck and then immediately cut over. I wait at least a truck length before doing so. It’s extremely rude to cut over right in front of a truck.

  22. It’s something about Altimas. After moving to Dallas I always watch for them. They always doing dumb shit.

  23. I don't know about other countries but where I live passing someone on their right is illegal. You literally have to wait for someone to go back to the right lane to pass them on their left.

  24. Yeah that truck is only going 1mph or so faster, he won't get there any quicker than blue truck really. Better to stay in the slow lane as not to obstruct the flow of traffic.

  25. Blinkers aside, You need half that gap and twice the speed for the average LA driver to even attempt what the sedan car just did. Cars will tail gate at cars length, going upwards of 80, and it’s a daily occurrence to see someone weave in between. Passing on the right is a forgotten law it seems smh

  26. I get really impatient with semis in the left lane too but I don’t fuck with them at all. Hell nope! Fucking weighing 20-30 times my car probably

  27. Trucker did nothing wrong here, all of the people saying "he could have gotten over sooner" sure, technically yes, he could have, but with being a trucker, its all about courtesy to other truckers, had that truck "merged sooner" and then had to slam on the brakes for any reason, the truck recording would have slammed into the back of them, it takes a truck longer to stop than a car, that's why in some states, its the law to give truckers more space than you would a normal car before merging.

  28. I’m not American but the truck puts his indicator on after overtaking by a safe distance, to move back to the slower lane. If the clown in the car wasn’t trying to undertake then there wouldn’t be an issue?

  29. In the clip, the blinker is on at :17s, well before the car has an opportunity to change lanes. Car driver was impatient and should have allowed the much heavier death machine do it’s thing.

  30. The car started changing lanes the same time the blinker came on. Defining started changing lanes as started moving over to the right, not when they were on the line

  31. This is the exact reason why when I drove truck, I watched my mirror almost as much as out my windshield when changing lanes. People do this damn near every time. Hell, people do this to me now in my shitty Isuzu city truck and I’m travelling almost 15-20km/h faster than the trucks.

  32. The amount of impatient people on the highway….. let the truck finish passing, they will move to the right and you can continue. If people keep passing the truck on the right the truck can never get over.

  33. Truckers are asshole sometimes. I bet those two truckers were matched speeds, blocking traffic for miles. They get in their little butt buddy modes out there controlling traffic. That's why you see everyone sick of it and passing so quick. That why the video starts when it does and not earlier showing their bs

  34. I'm a trucker and literally none of us do rolling road blocks intentionally. If you think we do you are sadly mistaken. A lot of trucks are governed so they can only go x mph maximum. This is the result of one truck governed at x and one governed slightly higher at z. So z is trying to pass x but can only do it so quickly. I wish car drivers understood this, we don't do it maliciously. We are just trying to do our jobs man.

  35. Truck driver probably saw that impatient person in their mirror and knew what was about to happen. He had his hand ready on the horn. 😂

  36. “Stupid 4-wheel”. Or maybe your fellow inbred toothless trucker can signal when he’s gonna do a manoeuvre. Dude started signaling when he was halfway over the divider.

  37. I'm a truck driver and this is one of my pet peeves. Dude, just wait till I pass and leave enough safe room between me and the truck I'm passing and then I'll get back over. The impatience of these drivers drives me insane

  38. I can't imagine being a trucker and having to deal with this shit. At least your bullet ways a shitload more.

  39. You welcome, i knew the truck was going to change lanes, just warning the 4 wheeler since trucks are so loud i dont think the semi heard the airhorn from that distance with windows rolled up

  40. Okay this is off-topic. Why does target use a dog as marketing?... I don't like where this is going.

  41. Totally agree! What the fuck was the cvnt in the target truck waiting for? You don't need an entire truck length between you and the truck you just passed to get over!

  42. OP, you need to speed up some. You are creating a problem for everyone else unless you are exiting the Freeway. I am a class A driver as are you and you seem to be the problem here.

  43. That trucker in front is an idiot too. If you weigh 80k+ maybe let the blinker flash more than 1.5 times before changing lanes. Then riding the side line like you re afraid they are gonna pass you on the shoulder, got no business in a big rig.

  44. The only idiot is the trucker in the fast lane going the same speed as OP in the slower, right lane. This shit is beyond mildly infuriating especially because the truck is not going any faster than OP …

  45. If the truck in the left lane was going the same speed as the truck in the right, he’d still be next to him at the end of the video. He was passing. It’s not that difficult to understand.

  46. If trucks were allowed to go faster in many states, they probably would. The limit is often 65mph, so there are speed governors put on trucks that render them unable to go faster than that. Some companies, in the name of better fuel economy have them set to anywhere between 60 to 64mph. Depending on their load, the engine and the road incline, a truck's ability to get to the max speed and stay there varies. Add dipshits like the car in the video will cause trucks to brake to be safe. It's because of these things you basically never have a truck going 10mph faster than another, which might be typical with cars passing.

  47. Here’s some advice that may save your life in the future. The right side of a semi is the death side. They have trouble seeing you on the right side. Hence all the warning stickers on the back of semis.

  48. People sure do love shitting on trucks in this sub, huh? Literally nothing wrong with the passing truck's behavior; in fact, I can guarantee the reason he didn't get over sooner is because it doesn't make any fucking sense to merge 4 inches in front of another truck's bumper. God, some people just have the situational awareness of a cucumber.

  49. Well in all fairness the car was trying to get over before the truck, so that's not the fuck up, per se.

  50. Person didn’t seem like an idiot. Just bad timing. He tried to pass at the same exact moment the truck decided to switch lanes.

  51. I don’t understand how the majority of people in this country are always in a rush somehow. It’s literally seconds off your trip that you are trying to save..

  52. People are so fucking dumb. Most truck drivers are professionals and stay to the right. Don’t try to pass them in the right. Just give the done skate and a lil time and they are going to get back into the right lane. Chill

  53. Nah if there’s 5 cars coming up behind you 15+ faster than you, and you, in your rig, one to take the only passing lane because you have 1mph on the guy in front of you, fuck you. Let the other traffic pass before you use the passing lane for four minutes to get 1mph on the guy in front of you.

  54. Truck seems to be passing at a decent speed though? Way more than 1mph? I get that happens sometimes but doesn't look like this time so why comment here?

  55. The truck put their signal on pretty soon after passing but it took it a sec to complete the lane change. The car showed 0 patience in waiting for the truck to get over.

  56. Guy is an idiot yes, however trucks passing each other on two lane highways should be illegal. One guy going 60mph and the other doing 60.5 mph and backing up traffic for miles….

  57. If you were a trucker and were in a rush to make your delivery on time, because your job depended on it, you would probably try and pass the guy in front of you, no?

  58. I see this all the time and it's usually because the semi didn't want to wait for them to pass before overtaking the truck in front. Happens to me as well.

  59. This video looks so surreal. I was sure I was watching an animation. Had to scroll through comments to see if anyone else felt the same.

  60. I ducked when he passed the bridge and then I realized he knew his truck's height better than its length (it took him so long to overtake...).

  61. Definitely looks like ol' I-90 in Massachusetts, aka the pike. Yeah the masshole and some lack of blinkas in this clip really seals it

  62. Truckers often make a game out of hogging the road. Sedan was definitely an idiot, but it is no secret that semis riding side by side gives road ragers a reason.

  63. That’s what happens when two idiot truck drives conspire to pass one another with a 1 mph difference and tie up traffic for 2 miles

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