1. The moment someone tries to pull their gov't position up to be above the law (any law), they should be removed from office. That shit seriously pisses me off. -.-

  2. It didn’t seem like he was pulling that card. To me it seemed like he didn’t want to hear something he already knew (30 days to pay) and to be just handed the ticket and move on.

  3. Fuck he makes cops and people in power look gross, how do we let people with power get away doing somthing so blatantly but if we make a mistake and weren't paying attention and go slightly over we get done hard 🤔

  4. And it’s clearly a car he’s had a while if the insurance card is expired. The excuse is a pile of shit unless it’s a brand new car.

  5. I know someone that got out of a ticket in LA because he claimed he’d just gotten back from driving on the autobahn. I can’t believe it worked (and he definitely deserved that ticket).

  6. A fine for rich people is basically a tip. A fine for poor or even middle class people can be your groceries for the week. How does that prevent anyone but working class people from breaking the law?

  7. Yeah... ummm... in every state (most? Or, the ones i've lived in), 20mph over the posted speed limit is reckless driving and you immediately get arrested.

  8. I feel like it's on purpose - to make a driver feel like they're partially on/in your car (so you don't feel distanced/capable of speeding off)

  9. I would like to point out that it isn’t inherently dangerous to have you foot run over. I’m kinda an idiot or maybe have been unlucky enough to have been driven by idiots, but it’s happen twice in my life…

  10. He should have been benched right then and there. No insurance, already had a warning, obviously doesn’t want to comply. Driving recklessly. Have his mommy come pick him up. This is the embodiment of an asshat.

  11. 22mph over the speed limit and no insurance in the UK would get you at least 9 points on your licence but I'd imagine they'd slap you with 12 and disqualify you from driving. They wouldn't let you drive away either.

  12. Likely had insurance, in the US basically all auto insurance auto renews every 6 months. Lots of people forget to change out the little piece of paper in their cars but are still covered. Typically either proof of current coverage will be shown by phone or the officer can call and verify with the insurance company they are still covered.

  13. It’s possible just his insurance card was expired. A lot of people forget to replace their insurance cards every 6 months or annually. He might have insurance current but just card was expired. It’s unclear from the video.

  14. If your county commissioner drives a Ferrari, either you pay way too much in taxes without getting it back in services, or you've chosen a spoiled rich brat to 'lead'...

  15. no way i ever thought i’d see anything abt my grandmas dinky little county on reddit 😭😭😭 this dude is so much worse than this video. my step-uncle worked for the county for years i have so many stories abt this town and this trashy man

  16. Local American politicians are all neck deep in conflicting interests like running businesses on the side or being suspiciously good friends with business owners if you catch my drift.

  17. He's not just a county employee, he runs the county, ok? Didn't you hear? That was Mister county commissioner right there, in the flesh

  18. In France if you're caught driving without an insurance, the police block your car and you can walk home

  19. Just FYI - it's not that he doesn't have insurance, it's that he doesn't have his current insurance policy document in the car (you print a new one off every 6 months) but that barely even matters anymore since in most of the USA (including Florida) you can use your insurance companie's phone app to show your up to date insurance policy.

  20. Especially if this stop was this year…2019 expired. The point of mandating insurance is to spread the cost. Him not paying is basically stealing from the pool.

  21. Wow. The dude was going 92mph with a written warning and expired car insurance.. and was let go. Then he SPED AWAY. That is insanity.

  22. In the video he says that he usually gives warnings but the guys record shows he was already given one so he still gave him a ticket, payable in 30 days.

  23. The fact he was allowed to drive away means he likely did have insurance and the card he originally handed the cop was all that was expired. Could have pulled it up on his phone or remembered when he printed the new card he put it somewhere else.

  24. I was in the car with Henry Mcmasters son in 2007 when the car was pulled over after dark doing 70 in a 30, having ran a red light on Gervais st , under 21 years old open container red solo cup in the cupholder and obviously intoxicated from leaving a frat hazing literally soaked in beer.

  25. His wealth didn't come from his position with the county. He was a rich real estate developer before his political career.

  26. Someone posted an article where it says the dude goes and asks for favors from judges. It's not the first time. He's been caught pulling some type of rank before...

  27. I think those "important guys" need to pay extra. Because they are supposed to be examples. Triple charges for any crime and see who is willing to stay

  28. Here in Ohio if you’re pulled over and are driving without insurance they suspend your license and tow your car until you provide proof of insurance and pay several fines which increase after any future offenses.

  29. I know a dumbass that tried that once. Cop said, I do. That’s why I’m going to call him as soon as I finish writing this ticket. Dumbfucker got me in trouble to, because the cop knew my dad too - and I hadn’t said a word.

  30. Imagine you work for the state and use enough tax payer money that you can afford a Ferrari and most of the people paying for your car are struggling to feed their families.

  31. Politicians should not have the capability to afford a Ferrari if there constituents are struggling to make ends meet. This country is a shit hole.

  32. I was half hoping that he’d speed off too aggressively and immediately spin out and crash, on camera. Like all the Mustangs leaving Cars & Coffee

  33. "According to dispatch notes obtained by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the trooper returned to his vehicle and told his colleague that Mullins “said he was a county commissioner.” The colleague replied “Yeah, well, he’s getting a ticket,” paused, and then asked “What county?”

  34. Bravo to the officer for not laughing his rear end off when he found out the guy already got a warning despite ‘not knowing how fast this thing runs’.

  35. He didn't have a "recent" card... we have like internet now a days and the cop already knows all these details before they even pull the guy over.

  36. This man is Joe Mullins. He’s currently running for re-election of County Commissioner in Flagler County, Florida. There is another video on the same site of him speeding and ignoring troopers in a Mercedes and chewing them out for stopping him improperly. He’s also a terrible tipper.

  37. Dishonesty in business or politics needs one penalty: permaban from authority in those fields. This video should be grounds enough to immediately elect a new county commissioner, and to mark this man as unsuited to such tasks.

  38. As a german, I have a question: what is the point of driving a car like this Ferrari or something similar in the US? I mean, seriously, you can‘t barely use any gear above the third, you can‘t enjoy the acceleration…and I don‘t dare to mention it‘s top-speed. So, what‘s the point? If you want to show off, you could buy any other luxury car. So why so many people buy super- or even hypercars? I‘m really curious because, obviously, where I live, you‘re allowed to use those cars to the limit.

  39. Just looked it up he’s a Republican. Ripping off your citizens, buying a Ferrari, no regard for the law. Makes sense.

  40. Of course he runs the county. You think he actually earned that money to buy that car without stealing everyone hard earned tax dollars?

  41. Wtf? In my state if you don’t have insurance then they’ll take your plate right off the car and send it away

  42. Another reason why traffic fines should be proportional to income; if you can afford that car, you can afford a giant ticket. And if not, too bad.

  43. Disgusting. People like this should never be in positions of power. You run the county? So you understand what speed limits are, why they matter, and what you did wrong. This asshole should be dragged out of his office for this shit

  44. Look at the cop's foot - positioned so that if they floor it to escape, they'll run over his boot and then the DA can add assaulting a police officer to the charge list.

  45. The owner of the company i work for once got pulled over for drunk driving(and im certain speeding too). This mf straight up told the officers “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM???”

  46. Ok so his foot is in the path of the rear wheel so they can also get him for assaulting a police officer if he decides to run, right?

  47. I run the county, so you know, no laws apply to me… BTW a Ferrari on a county supervisors salary?? Me thinks he may not be the most honest politician in Florida 🤔

  48. So what happens after the cut at :36 and what does he hand the driver before it cuts again then and he walks away? Pretty sure he cited the driver and this is all cut up to make you mad.

  49. We need to implement fines based on percentage of income like they do in Finland. Breaking laws should be felt equally across the social stratum not just the poor.

  50. On the list of stupid shit you can use as an excuse to the cop who pulled you over in your Ferrari: “I didn’t realize how quick this thing runs.”

  51. I am from ukraine and cops in my country would confiscate this dude's car for the army needs if he was speeding no insurance.

  52. The stance of the cop looks like he’s ready to react to the driver or someone hitting them on the shoulder of the highway.

  53. Sadly, that’s probably exactly what it is. The number of people getting hit while working on roadways (cops, highway workers, transportation workers, etc) is - no pun intended - staggering.

  54. Didn't use his turn signal when entering traffic. That's another citation. Getting emotional now? Well, sorry sir, that'll be an emotional outburst fee on top of your new citation.

  55. Jesus corruption much? How the hell does a public official own a car that expensive? Well he's a criminal no doubt. Where I live the county commissioners were pretty much in the Mafia at one point. They were all eventually prosecuted.

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