1. As long as they find the other driver, they would probably be charged with felony level charges. You can’t try to run someone over and get off with a fine.

  2. If you have to do that you know you don’t need an SUV and should not have bought one ‘for the practicality’

  3. That jump close got me😂 all that hustle and she still sat in the car for like 5 seconds before going anywhere. And the trunk still wasn’t closed after all of that

  4. Having had someone try to run me off the road in a road rage incident, I will say it is surprisingly hard to do simple stuff like hold the clutch all the way down when your system is completely flooded with adrenaline. Probably took her a while to do all the things to get rolling with her hands shaking.

  5. Had to plug in the phone and choose the right Spotify list for the chase scene. That takes some time and attention!

  6. Some new cars take forever to boot up. If hers is like mine she was probably sitting in there spamming the "Drive" button to get it in gear. In the heat of the moment she might have also forgotten to press the brake pedal before starting the car, which in some cars only turns on electronic systems in the car, and you have to shut it off again, press the brake, start it again to get the engine started.

  7. Jokes aside this honestly looks like it took maybe an extra second or two more than the normal startup time for her to take off, which could entirely be explained by an adrenaline rush fuzzing up your normal fine motor inputs, such as putting your seatbelt on or even putting it into gear. It could also be explained by the seats adjusting into place if this is one of those cars which does the whole express entry/exit thing.

  8. Also, if you have chosen to chase, if you want to ever see that car again it would behoove you to get a move on. Took way too long to get that car in drive anyway.

  9. Based on what happened I feel like they knew each other. But I agree, idiots are the ones who risk their lives over material bullshit that insurance would pay for.

  10. While your use of 'dead to rights' makes no sense at all -- this video does, in fact, have the trunk jumper actually dead to rights.

  11. Can confirm: this is what it feels like when you find out what it means to live in Ohio. The state that made the most astronauts, because when Ohio is done with you, you'll want to leave the planet.

  12. It's the adrenaline messing with the fine motor skills. Hard to control the key and find the ignition when your heart is pumping and your blood is boiling.

  13. https://www.google.com/maps/@40.0864233,-82.9758768,3a,60y,87.62h,81.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8ymQo3gWZvpgR3SM0V00cA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en

  14. I love that she absolutely bolted to the car at the 4s mark....then didn't pull away until the 18s mark.

  15. Columbus is honestly one of the least sketchy big cities in America in my opinion. Coming from Northeast Ohio, it’s almost unsettling to me how polished, nice, and non-gritty Columbus is

  16. She’s had this happen a few times from her actions. I pity the person if she catches them. She just has to hit E before them

  17. Yeah, no, I think it's pretty obvious from how loud that window punch was and how efficiently she got the trunk closed to give chase that this woman is absolutely not someone you want fucking with you.

  18. This lady getting a lot of disrespect in this thread, considering she 1) survives an intentional hit from the car 2) gives a boss whack to the window and 3) that agility pulling down the hatch. Wouldn't doubt she'd whoop half the dudes in here

  19. Ikr? She was in fight/flight mode after a psychopath tried to run her over. I don't blame her for acting the way she did. People are really expecting her to act 100% rationally in a situation like that?

  20. The delay between her getting in the car to driving off I can only imagine was due to her picking the perfect song to chasing down an adversary

  21. "And chaos ensues as baby momma #1 finally catches baby momma #2 alone at the fueling station".... in the David Attenborough voice of course.

  22. What took her so long after getting in the car? Was she adjusting the mirrors first? Plugging her phone in? Checking her makeup?

  23. I think I filled up at that gas station shortly before driving to my Airbnb and waking up in the morning with my car having been broken into. Fuck Columbus. Although the women at Safelite were lovely

  24. I Live in Columbus here, my car is extra easy to break into (soft top jeep) and I have not had my car broken into once. Are you staying in a bad part of town or something? Leaving valuables/ bags exposed that people are intrigued by?

  25. I mean you see a woman almost get hit by a car then chase her attacker down. Unless you know something we don't she's perfectly fine.

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