1. This is just the same shit as when you tubers misuse a word on purpose to drive engagement in the comments. Dumb posts get attention because we all want to call out the dumb!

  2. Everyone here is chirping this dude for the Jeep comment but how tf did OP manage to get this clear a picture driving the other way on a highway????

  3. When you stare at the car behind the Jeep trying to figure out how it’s trying to be a Jeep only to realize op doesn’t know the Jeep is a Jeep

  4. I wouldn't say he's an idiot. My uncle had someone hit his door when he was getting out and he couldn't afford a new door.

  5. I went to High School (in the early 90s) with a kid that took the doors off his ~1979 Buick Regal. When the cops pulled him over he told them "if a Jeep can take his doors off, why can't I?"

  6. That's a ZJ, actually quite good offroad, even better if you install lockers. Personally I never understood removing the doors. I had a ZJ because I could stay warm and dry in the wet, and laugh at the TJ guys who didn't bother to even bring their bikini tops because "it's not supposed to rain". The fact that DMV classed it as a station wagon meant insurance was pennies. Granted, the unibody made it a bit flexible(I popped the rear hatch open more than once because of body twist) but hey, it's "character". right.......? There was the 4.slow, the 5.2 V8, the "niner"(5.9 V8) and the turbo 4.0, the TSi I believe. Various trims and 4WD setups(I preferred the 4.0 with the 242 transfer case myself) Towing capacity of 5000 lbs, but, with the coil spring rear setup, this was asking a lot from the suspension....... 4wheel discs with ABS, but the brakes were never really impressive, you'd stuggle to lock up all 4 wheels on a dry road with decent tires... Shift on the fly capable under about 40mph. Not great on gas though. My best ever was 21mpg, on the highway, cruise on, sitting at 63mph.....Generally it was 10-15 overall. Small enough to go places a lot of bigger vehicle couldn't. Big enough to haul all kinds of people and stuff. Totalled my first one in a car accident(my fault) we walked away without a scratch. Immediately bought another.

  7. y’all are dumb, OBVIOUSLY op knows it a jeep he said so in the tittle. but before the door was off this used to be an ‘05 rav4

  8. After the last two posts in this sub.. I’m beginning to think that the folks posting are more of idiots than they folks they post about

  9. Bless your heart, I think you meant to say "any Jeep can become a Wrangler"? Regardless, may God have mercy on your soul.

  10. I need to replace the hinge pins on my trucks doors and I’ve been thinking about leaving the doors off for a few days and having jeeptruck

  11. Also in the picture; any tall stick with leaves can be a tree if it wishes hard enough. Check out the "woods" in the background. If you zoom in, they are all actually just sticks wishing really, really, hard.

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