1. I do wish they'd show the time between cars every so often, rather than just the time to the leader, would make it easier to follow what's happening to the GTDs

  2. Id rather pay more to watch the international uninterrupted version. Oh wait, I do for Cactus VPN.

  3. Derani lucky he didn't end up in the T2 wall. Chopped over and drove Bamber all the way up onto the curb with contact. Amazing that they both made it through that.

  4. Had difficulty finding the live broadcast initially on Peacock. Searched "IMSA" then "Detroit" and didn't find the live stream. Searched "Weathertech" and found the stream. Damn, Peacock.

  5. The BMW grill is so ugly I almost want to cheer against it just so I don’t have to look at it.

  6. It honestly doesn’t look as bad on the race cars as it does on the road cars. I think it’s because the race cars can use colors better to dial down the ugly.

  7. Diffey just said Belle Isle has never gone full green in a race before. All the more reason to have LMP3’s here as an agent of chaos.

  8. Any idea what kind of an advantage Vasser Sullivan can get by running two cars in GTD when GTD Pro isn’t in the field?

  9. Manufacturer points are awarded to the top-finishing car in class, so this gives Lexus it's best chance at the championship in GTD, It does not affect the driver points race, other than you'll have the 17 crew posting partial-season results in GTD as well as GTD Pro.

  10. Sorry if someone already said here, but did we ever find out what happened to the 51 Acura (purple car) towards the end of the race?

  11. I find it really odd that if the flagger had waited ONE MORE LAP to waive the white flag, 02 and 31 would have run out of gas on the LAST lap and not finished the race. Cause they both ran out on the parade lap... There was PLENTY of time left on the clock for another lap (or 2). Don't know why they waived it so soon??

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