1. If it’s not your company drive a beater or at least something that gets good mileage. I own the company and I try to save money where I can. My Ford F-250 diesel get 10mpg, smaller Nissan truck gets about 17mpg and my hybrid Toyota get 45+mpg. I try to drive the Toyota as many days as I can per week sense most jobs are +-15 miles each way plus some run around sense I get supplies so basically per day 1 gallon in the car, and 3-4.5 in a truck. Gas is close to $5.50 a gallon and diesel is $6.50 yay California. Anyways insurance and maintenance is cheaper on the car and it’s several hundred dollars a month less to drive and you don’t need more than a trunk. Super side note, but so far nobody’s stolen my bags from the trunk, but both trucks have been broken into for visual tools while stopping on the way home.

  2. Nice! does that mean a level 2 charger happens to be installed on site or are you bumming off an outlet near the parking?

  3. Facts. I have a clapped out ranger I use for the job. Nice truck stays at home, somehow my wife drives my dream truck more than I do smh.

  4. We call em rattlers or shitboxes. Car gets beat up in the big city too, and occasionally stolen or broken into. Get a fairly reliable rattler. I liked the old barebones Rangers, two wheel drive, no frills. Handy hauler when you need it.

  5. I made it my whole career so far without a pickup (15+ years). I did a crapload of side jobs out of my Subaru Outback when I was younger, residential stuff. Unless you want a truck for moving your toys you don’t need it. You’ll never load up job material, and if you want to be your own contractor a van is superior. Get a 2005 Camry or some shit and just beat the balls off of it.

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