1. Gosh, there are so many variables that it's hard to give an estimate. Since we don't know the details of your insurance plan or the rates of care in your area or what meds will be available to you it's hard to say.

  2. My insurance didn’t cover pregnancy. Right now I’m around 30,000 give or take due to ER Visits and I miscarried at 15 weeks. I’m working out paying it and getting some charges voided

  3. Insurance has to cover pregnancy. They aren't allowed to disclude it. They may not pay for it if you didn't reach your deductible or whatever though

  4. My son is a million dollar baby. Fortunately insurance was responsible for everything except my deductible, but the grand total after fertility treatment, infusion center treatment, multiple ER visits, etc. was over a million dollars charged to insurance.

  5. My insurance has an out of pocket max of $4250. I've already come to terms that I'm going to be hitting that. On the bright side, my pregnancy and birth will all be taking place within this calendar year, so I won't have to pay it out twice 🤷‍♀️ though I don't know if they will have separate charges at the hospital in baby's name that wouldn't fall under my own max... 😩 Insurance sure can suck!

  6. My bill for a my 6 hour hospital visit last week at OB triage when I couldn’t keep anything down (2 bags of fluids via IV, bloods and urine testing, and I think 16mg zofran and some Pepcid and reglan via the IV) was $2800.

  7. Zofran is very expensive without insurance. $250 for 12 pills (3 day supply) for me when insurance denied it. I’ve heard you can get it for less through GoodRX. I got a months worth for $10 with insurance. I also have probably better than average insurance.

  8. With my four hospitalizations six midline’s and countless home ivs close to half a million (my husbands been keeping track because he’s a finance guy lol). Thank goodness for my out of pocket max!

  9. Thank you everyone! The only insurance I’ve ever had has been blue cross blue shield federal, but I’m uncertain as to future health insurances.

  10. Do share on how you go about setting this up. I felt like I was not taken seriously by medical offices when I explained I wanted a solid plan of care because I wasn't a current pregnant patient. I think that with more time I could have figured it out, but there were only three months between my HG miscarriage and my next pregnancy.

  11. For my IV - for 14 days it came out to $190-$200 and the nurse visits to my home were about $20 per visit. This is after insurance. The home health nurses didn’t need to come everyday, just to change dressings or the peripheral IV. I am also lucky where my MIL is a retired nurse who could take out my peripheral IV if needed.

  12. I can't help particularly with the cost without insurance, but I met my out of pocket maximum within two hospital ER visits so prescriptions (about $75-$150 a month) we're all I paid for in the second half until my son's bills came for the hospital.

  13. Each of my infusion treatments (two bags of fluid, reglan, and zofran) is $2500 before insurance and $400 after. I go 2-3 times a week.

  14. Ok $400 after insurance is crazy. I can get a bag at my naturopaths for $100, or I can have a nurse come to my house for $100 through a mobile IV clinic. I’d look and see if there are any mobile clinics near you! They have their own doc they work with so you don’t have to get it through your doc, and they can also add vitamin and nutrients to it.

  15. OK. So I just had my delightful last HG baby and I went through the costs recently of every claim on my insurance. I have good insurance and I paid only $3,000 for the entire pregnancy, and these are rounded costs of claims that went through my insurance, not the doctor discounts my insurance negotiates, and every hospital charges differently.

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