1. I feel like Zeno is just ready to die at any moment, he was gonna sacrifice himself to beat Chrollo as well

  2. While Kite's reactions upon sensing Pitou is concern, and that of Knov is horror, Zeno be like, "hmmm, i have Chairman Netero with me, this would be interesting."

  3. To be fair, Zeno knew what the situation was and who he was about to encounter beforehand. Kite basically went in there blind and just randomly had one of the strongest things ever attack him.

  4. And im pretty sure Knov encountered Poufs aura, not Pitous. Pouf was guarding the king with his shorter en reach, while Pitou was healing Meruems arm.

  5. Facts 😭 but netero definitely explained to zeno beforehand what the situation was, and he had him by his side to complete the already planned out mission, whereas kite at that point had only come across fodder nenless ants so it was a complete shock not to mention the two helpless kids he had with him

  6. Well Zeno doesn’t show much emotions but there are still some very subtle differences. The angle of his mouth and tightening of the wrinkles around his eyes suggest that he is turning from an unfazed state to an alert state. His eyes seem to be more alert too looking at how his pupils change slightly. Differences are subtle but one can always tell that the he is definitely more serious on the left.

  7. Yes, Zeno's expression clearly indicated he could assess precisely how strong Pitou is. Which is pretty damn strong and probably stronger than himself.

  8. I'm just wondering why people think Pitou would be smiling if they weren't completely confident in their victory. If Zeno was even close to their power they'd be in distress because that type of person would be a threat to the king.

  9. You know what would be crazy? If someone on the black whale contracted the Zoldyk family and Silva and Zeno just come flying in on that dragon. Would be 10x funnier if Tserri or Hisoka (I think Hisoka paid illumi and by default kalluto to help him fight the troupe) are the ones who are paying them.

  10. I can't wait for this to happen. They would need to deal with the "hands" though, unless the "hands" are there to "keep passengers on the ship" as opposed to "keep outsiders off"

  11. Overall he is much stronger than Chrollo, even Chrollo admitted it. But when it comes to nen and specifically Chrollo's skill hunter, it doesn't matter how strong your opponent is, when you have some weird ass ability. This is what made zeno hesitate when facing Chrollo.

  12. I'm relieved Togashi finally cleared up the misunderstanding regarding both Zeno and Silva's nen type. It was as clear as day both their hatsu are Emission type but most fans were stubbornly saying they're transmuters (me included) because Zoldyck's hair color nen type theory.

  13. I think pitou smiled because she found a strong opponent and zeno's reaction out of shock because he's a master at conceaingl his emotions and still had a reaction even though it was small

  14. Zeno is goated. Some people seem to thing that Netero couldn’t beat Pitou in a 1v1. Well I think Zeno and Netero would both shit stomp Pitou in a 1v1

  15. I don't think she'd beat Netero because she doesn't have Mereum's mind for strategy and tactics. He beat Netero through brute force repetition of different attacks to find the "almost imperceptible bias" in Netero's 100-Type attacks, reasoning that while the Guanyin can effectively attack any point near Netero, it still moves based on preset attacks; even though he was slower, he was able to predict and avoid two of the attacks when he took Netero's arm and leg. By that point, the King had been hit thousands of times and was starting to actually feel pain and take some damage, implying that he'd eventually be defeated by the 100-Type if he couldn't counter it.

  16. Lol no he wouldn't. He couldn't even take down chrollo with silva's help without dying, pitou would absolutely destroy him.

  17. So can En be a deterrent against projectiles? It was implied that Pitou made a mistake by dispelling his En when Zeno scattered his dragon to be a rain of projectiles. Like, can even Pitou's en effectively act as a shield against those ?

  18. I would say no. En doesn't act as a barrier and it seems that also don't affect projectiles trajectories. Best example I can think right now is

  19. nope, she didn't consider the arrows as a potential threat to the king, by dispelling her en she just delayed the process of finding them because the arrows blocked the view

  20. With the Zoldycks reputation is everything, as the patriarch of the family sacrificing himself to maintain that reputation is a trivial matter altogether.

  21. To me, the very subtle expression change showed that Zeno couldn't help but to show some reaction to Pitou's arrogance. I'm sure in his head he was thinking "Such arrogance... She has no idea"

  22. You probably have to put Ging, Parriston, and Beyond in there though we dont really have confirmation of that yet it just seems likely they're at the apex of nen users

  23. Pitou smiled because she has a new pet while zeno became more focus and alert, zeno already know the danger that he's in that's why he just went full focus mode when he sense pitou's nen.

  24. How is this savage? The reason Pitou smiles is because they know they can take Zeno which is why Pitou launches at him immediately.

  25. I'm sorry but it seems you're missing a huge point, in this post, it's clearly stated that both Zeno and Pitou sensed each other's capabilities, on the other hand, back in Yorkshin city, it wasn't the case. Chrollo was trying to fool Zeno and Silva in some way to make them believe that Zeno's analysis were everything (hiding the bookmark for example) but apparently

  26. Whether people agree with you or not, your comment is well said and you provided panels from the manga with your reasoning.

  27. I can see 4 differences between Zeno's face on the right and on the left. The most revelatory one is that he opens his mouth and eyes slightly. He was completely informed about the situation, and mentally ready to face it, but still took him a second to adjust to the concrete reality of who he is facing. That is mad impressive for the Royal Guards, since you have to imagine that Zeno has seen just about everything.

  28. If you read it left to right: It looks like Zeno is dissapointed with Pitou's Nen while she gets more concerned after they sense each other

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