1. Togashi should be the one to help himself... Dude has crazy amounts of money, just get the finest doctors on earth and resolve the issue... Relatives of mine with similar problems and physiotherapy are fine now and they dont have even 1/10000th of money that Togashi has.... Stop beating around the bush and put your health as a priority

  2. Years and years and years of drawing manga with insane deadlines and most likely a non perfect posture. That or some genetic problem

  3. Can anyone remind me what the most recent status update is for all the unreleased chapters? And I know nobody actually has this answer, but what do we think a good estimate would be for when we’re gonna get to see the first new chapter?

  4. Honestly this, I just dropped a google translated comment basically saying "I believe in you" with that one Netero meme lmao. He probably won't see it but I just wish he knows how much the fandom supports him.

  5. This is a much better tweet than the one about his back hurting. Feel like he might be dying and trying to get it done before he goes

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