1. Think I managed to find it. A match was found but then the leukaemia returned, then received treatment in Singapore after crowdfunding. According to the article he has been in remission for 2 years.

  2. I did this once. The thought of them taking my bone marrow was scary but I could only imagine what the little girl was going through

  3. I'm a blood donor, and a decade ago they asked if they could take a sample to register me in the bone marrow register. Most blood donors here (in Denmark) are in the register.

  4. As someone who works in bone marrow / stem cell transplantation: please understand that signing up for these registries is a decades long commitment. These donor drives are SO important, but the reality is that it is extraordinarily unlikely that if you do get picked, it will be because you match for the person whose specific drive you sign up for. Families and hospitals do these drives all the time, all over the world, and you get put in a world wide database.

  5. How common is it really that people say no? Surely they are told that what they're doing is basically a more intense version of donating blood? And unlike donating blood, if you're a good HLA match, that's so much more rare than being a blood type match.

  6. This sub and made me smile have been so kind and inspiring to me. Someone I met on reddit is doing something for me right now out of the goodness of their heart. Not asking for a dime from me to do it. It's my turn to do what I can to pay it forward. 1 kind deed coming right up

  7. Definitely not, that is the path way through the grounds to school (Pitmaston Primary School), I attended there as a kid it hadn't changed at all.

  8. I went to uni there when this happened! I remember queueing for ages in the town hall to get swabbed to see if I was a match. I always wondered what happened to him, glad to hear it's in remission!

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