1. For a history subreddit the amount of people thinking All Quiet on the Western Front is a WW2 movie is astounding.

  2. Exactly. The reason the West glorifies fighting Nazis is because most sane people in the West know the Nazis were fucking evil. You won't find many films glorifying WW1 nowadays, or villanizimg those Germans in the same way, because the general consensus is that WW1 was a horrifically bloody catastrophe that really should have been avoided

  3. No no no, you see, a sizable portion of this sub will consistently argue that the history isn’t as important as the jokes. You see, it’s a a meme page, and therefore the history just needs to take a backseat.

  4. If there's one thing I've learned about Reddit is, no exaggeration, 90+ percent of shit people spew out with utter confidence is just completely made up and can be rebuked instantly by anyone with a modicum of knowledge on the given subject. Was a real eye opener when I saw people gobbling up bullshit about a field I'm an expert in and when I tried to correct the misinformation I was downvoted into oblivion.

  5. One is a movie, based on a book, based on the writers own experiences showing the horror of the war. One is a fictional film made for pure entertainment and nothing more

  6. Also, the 2 wars are quite different with WWI being just a political clusterfuck and overall a waste of human life. WW2 was a bit more black and white compared to the previous one. Doesn’t mean there weren’t war crimes committed by the allies etc, just that the 2 sides are more defined in their morals and Nazi fascism is objectively evil.

  7. And there's plenty of American media on the darkness of war. Slaughterhouse Five is probably one of the most famous American novels and it of course is a strong anti-war piece

  8. This. There's many films who do show the true nature of war and are not just an explosions extravaganza. Pitting a Tarrantino movie (a director known for being historically inaccurate on purpose in lieu of a better film) against this is just cherry picking.

  9. All quiet is not really based on the authors experience. Which is one of the oldest critiques of the book, that Remarque actually spent very little time in the military and actually fighting. Some of the other novels, diaries, or books written by veterans have totally different reactions to the war than Remarque, but of course each soldier is going to experience the war differently. Medical staff both nuns and doctors objected to how Remarque portrayed German medical personnel in the book, even a soldier who was in a military hospital with Remarque said that his portrayal of hospitals was nothing like how theirs really was.

  10. Wait until the non-Americans find out that Vietnam veterans were all gifted a lifetimes supply of Booty Sweat for their service.

  11. Plus one of the themes of inglorious bastards is this very hypocrisy people have with war. The inversion of the roles of the bastards brutally murdering the German who does the heroic thing of not giving up information while knowing he’s going to be killed brutally, the bastards being horrible to the woman who’s potentially helping them win the war, the nazi’s in the cinema laughing at the war film even thought the audience were doing that the whole way through. It’s satisfying to watch’s because you’re meant to hate the nazis but it’s meant to show that violence isn’t always right just because it’s your team. Still great to watch hitler and the other nazis die brutally though.

  12. This is like comparing Paths of Glory with Valkyrie and saying that Paths of Glory is the best representation of the Second World War.

  13. It kind of kills me this shit gets lots of upvotes. History is great to talk about but half the people here are bad at understanding logical fallacies and how they apply to their discussions. It's a shit comparison at best. Also fuck Nazis. I get they were human. But what they did deserves to be synonymous with evil. Germany's role in World War I is different which makes this comparison stupid.

  14. What a clown, comparing a WW1 movie based off a book to a WW2 movie while having the Nazi wojak say there weren’t villains

  15. Yes. 78% of the members of this subreddit have participated in at least one of the major wars in history. It’s safe to assume OP participated in WW1 and 2. I actually participated in the American Civil War and the American-French Naval Quasi-War. You haven’t? Cringe bro

  16. Instead of using Inglorious Basterds, use Saving Private Ryan. Oh wait you can't cuz it doesn't fit the meme.

  17. I watched a Russian guy, a communist no less, compare Enemy at the Gates, Stalingrad and two Russian movies about the battle and the movie that was the most positive about the soviets, according to him, turned out to be the German Stalingrad. In Josef Filsmeier’s Stalingrad, Soviet soldiers are enemies, but worthy enemies. They can be reasoned with to make a temporary ceasefire so you can get the dead out and they’re fierce unyielding fighters, so very respectful”. He had more to say about how the main characters didn’t have a single true nazi among them and only the evil Hauptmann was like that.

  18. I recommend Generation War. It's a TV series and it's excellent. It shows a group of friends and siblings experiencing the war from different perspectives. Soldiers, nurses, a jew, a stay-at-home girl, basically every scenario you can think of.

  19. All quiet on Western Front's an Anti War book/Film based on WW1 by a person who lived through it. It's got nothing to do with Nazis. Especially as they banned it for being "unpatriotic".

  20. Don't forget about "Johny got his gun". Especially if you are also Metallica fan. "One" was based on Dalton Trumbo's book/movie

  21. Aside from the fact that these two movies aren’t at all comparable, World War II was one of the only wars ever where there was absolutely a side who were definitely objectively evil. I’m not saying the Allies didn’t commit their share of atrocities because there were certainly war crimes committed by the Allies, but the Axis were very clearly so much worse. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were engines of actual genuine evil.

  22. Aside from the fact that this is a dumb generalization based on entirely different genres of media, I wonder if there might be some reason why Americans and Germans have different perspectives on the nature of WWII in particular. Maybe, if we think really hard about it, we can come up with something.

  23. The better comparison would be Private Ryan I think. Which shows the horrors of war and how things can fall apart in a hurry and nothing can be done.

  24. Probably because America hasn't had an actual war on its own territory for a looooooooong time and the coupled destruction that happens with it, while Germany (or Europe in almost its entirety) had to endure that shit two times within the span of roughly 30 years. There were not a lot of tangible repercussions for joining a war for the USA aside from the soldiers lost, while some aftershocks of WW2 are still visible in Europe.

  25. It's almost like the Germans of WW1 didn't systematically round up and execute millions of people they thought were inferior.

  26. To be honest, the myth of noble german soldiers has gone too far. They still have responsibility over the actions taken.

  27. OP has never seen Paths of Glory, Hacksaw Ridge, The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, The Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, Born on the 4th of July, Johnny Got His Gun, or Fury apparently.

  28. Such a bad comparison Comparing Tarantino stuff with War dramas. Compare between Paths of Glory with AQOWF maybe makes some sense but definitely it will not work what you thought

  29. The first two "All Quiet on the Western Front" movies (from 1930 and 1979) were American/British productions and imo did a much better job at conveying the horrors of war on an emotional level. I legit almost cry when watching them. They also spent much more time on character development.

  30. Curious how the side doing the holocaust might favor the “both sides are bad” perspective. (Yes I know All Quiet on the Western Front is WWI, but they just said German war movies)

  31. This is an incredibly dumb take. Not because of the difference of genre, no, but because of the difference on theme. Im Westen Nichts Neues (10/10 banger) is about the horrors of war. Young men unable to carry on a life after going through the experiences on the Battlefield. The mathematician’s logic skills did nothing to shield him from bullets.

  32. the big difference is one is based on ww2, where there were nazi bastards that deserved to die, and the other is based on ww1, which was a bullshit war. hope this helps!

  33. Yeah it’s in a league of its own. Recommended but only if you’re ready to experience it. It’s definitely not for everyone.

  34. Yeah bro obviously the ex-Nazi country that gassed 6 million Jews would want to frame it as everyone was wrong/following orders. But the bottom line is that it wasn’t the Yanks, Brits or the French who systematically murdered people it was Germans so yeah I think it is fair that we are proud of what we did in the war and stopping the holocaust while these krauts just want to move on.

  35. Damn dude. How far away from getting something can someone be. Comparing a movie based on a book written about their experiences of WW1 and a Movie made to be a fun massacre and show off the power film in war set in WW2. And also: Why is that a WW2 soldier under Aus dem Westen nichts Neues. Maybe because OP likes defending WW2 Germany fivehead

  36. Oh right cuz I forget that Hitler was blasted till his face was eaten up by bullets and then kino der toten was a 100% real thing

  37. Basterds is a comedy. That means something you laugh at. I know laughing is a foreign concept to Germans, but that's what it is. Maybe try watching a drama, something that's up your alley.

  38. Love the fact this whole comment section be clowning on OP. What a shitty conparison even a blind man could tell is bad.

  39. I'm starting to hate this subreddit. Its basically now peoples bias opinions and poorly interpreted/not at all interpreted information.

  40. Bruh. I swear this gotta be a bot how can you not tell the difference between ww1 germans and ww2 germans? Like bruh. One was fighting for their brothers in arms. The other was legit people who wanted to just kill people. You can’t tell me the nazis didnt wanna just kill people either because theres thousands of villages/cities in Europe that are missing on the map that beg to differ.

  41. As a German I still consider the allied soldiers killing the "gullible men following orders" from the nazis heroes

  42. Why are you comparing a movie based on a writers own horrific experiences in WW1 with a fictional purely for entertainment almost comic movie about WW2? Do people even know the nazis weren’t around during the Great War? (that means WW1 btw).

  43. Dont fucking apply all quiet to the nazi army. Most were volunteers who knew what they were fighting for and commited horrible atrocities. No it wasnt just the SS the army also did perpetuate crimes against humanity. Also since it was a ""anti patriotic book"" it was burned in the infamous book burnings.

  44. This is a bad example. Inglorious Basterds literally shows the Germans being smart courageous and sympathetic while the Americans are shown as blood hungry maniacs scalping their enemies.

  45. Soldiers aren’t gullible, this meme is dumb. They usually come from poor backgrounds where they need the money offered or can’t buy their way out of conscription.

  46. Regardless of these films, pretty sure those who actually murder millions of innocent people or enable/order others to do it are bad guys.

  47. May I present to you Saving Private Ryan, where in the opening sequence two Americans shoot Hungarian POWs trying to surrender cause they don’t understand them, and later on a good chunk of the protagonists seriously consider killing a German POW cause they don’t have time for him.

  48. But "everything quiet on the western front"(1930) is an american movie, based on german book written by ww1 veteran, the Netflix one is just a remake

  49. The original “All Quiet On The Western Front” from like the 30’s is really amazing and shines a good light on WW1

  50. In layman’s terms, op is probably a closet wehraboo and is coping by using the worst comparison possible

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