1. Great question!! I think people would still ship Rini and Rina too. Josh and Olivia had great chemistry too so I don't see how the switched roles would have changed that up. This is so interesting though, imagine is Sofia played Nini and Olivia played Rina the whole storylie would be different. Let's say Olivia's carrier still goes how it did, so she would still leave the show. And honestly that could have worked out great too, because Gina was a transfer student and they moved a lot so another moving to a different city would have made sense. But this wasn't the question lol:D

  2. I think would have shipped both simply because I enjoyed Rina for both Josh & sofias chemistry and their storyline through the seasons. I probably would have a preference for rini but still like rina because of the storyline. But since I’m not a huge fan of rinis storyline or chemistry, I don’t really like them the way they are. If that makes sense.

  3. i think i would’ve ended up being primarily a rina still. while josh and sofia’s chemistry is one of the reasons i’m a rina, i think the biggest selling point is that theyre just an incredible written ship. no offense to the people who ship rini/portwell, but they just were obviously built to fall, while rina has been set up from the start and they never let me down. also, one thing to mention is that josh and olivia have decent romantic chemistry and incredible vocal chemistry, their duets blend together so well, so rina would definitely still have a lot going for them.

  4. I would ship Rini because Joshua and Sofia’s chemistry is immaculate. I think they just get along and get each other so well that I would ship them whether she was Nini or Gina.

  5. no i wouldn't. if it was reversed i would've shipped rini instead, no matter the ship i just love sofia and joshua's chemistry.

  6. Sofia and Josh’s chemistry is a big part of rina but their tropes are also a big part. I don’t think I would be so into childhood friend exes to lovers like rini (but I like barchie so who knows) I think sofia is such a good actor if she played nini I’d probably ship rini as long as they weren’t set up to be bad for each other like Olivia rini

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