1. The Niffler is always there, always waiting, but he needs time for his courage to be high enough to dart out if hiding again. ;)

  2. If you click the camera icon at the bottom then click it again to get out of camera mode, the niffler will be outlined in blue if it's time to collect energy again.

  3. That energy spot ('The Niffler' per FM) has a recharge time of 7h 22m. The torch by the Great Hall has a recharge of 7h 32m, so you can use it to figure out when the Niffler will be available, if you collect them together.

  4. That little gold bag never actually goes away, which is also frustrating cause it doesn't glow when it's ready so you never know 😂

  5. This is a known glitch. The bag of coins appears to be there, but it actually won't give anything after you've tapped it once. You'll need to wait 7 hours or so for it to recharge and give you energy again.

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