1. Slayer, Johnny, and Order Sol. My last was going to be Sin instead of Order Sol but since he is already a given and I’ve really been wanting to play Order Sol in strive after how he was described to me he took my last spot.

  2. I want to see Slayer return too. I wonder how many people decided to not pick Sin, because they felt he was a given.

  3. Had to go with ABA, but I also picked Kliff. I really think he deserves another chance in a GG game

  4. Raven, Johnny, and Slayer. I really want Raven since he was my main in Rev 2; Johnny's a badass, and he seems like he could be a lot of fun in Strive; for Slayer, I just like him, and he was my friend's Rev 2 main.

  5. I'm surprised a lot of people think Kliff won't return when him and Justice are the only characters from the original who aren't playable, although I think he's canonically dead.

  6. My choices were very similar but I replaced Deiliah with Bedman. I still want my sleepy boi to be playable though hopefully. I would love to see exchanges and wholesome moments with these two siblings.

  7. It sucks that they misspelled United States President Vernon. I knew they meant him though, so I voted 3 times. I mean, venom sounds like a pastry chef, why would he want to fight?

  8. A.B.A is my favorite GG character ever other than my beloved main, Chipp. Bridget is another personal fave of mine. Finally, I picked Fanny because while I've never played GG Petite, I'm a big fan of characters from obscure spin-off fighting games getting a proper rendition in a mainline game (ex. Shiki in Samurai Shodown 2019) and I think her nurse design and having a gigantic hypodermic needle is awesome looking and really unique.

  9. I chose dizzy and Bridget and then used other to say I want a new cyborg woman character wielding a guandao. I know nothing of previous gg games just that Bridget and dizzy look cool af !

  10. A.B.A. - Brainrot, and also I want to see how they may handle changing models in game, that must be a challenge

  11. Also, looking for the awnsers of this post, and assuming that most of us write from NA, A.B.A. is gonna be the most voted out of them, Zappa is very picked, some want the classics (Order Sol, Slayer, Sin, Justice, Johnny and Kliff) and a GOD asked for Leopoldon back.

  12. A.B.A Bridget and Fanny. I was this close to picking robo ky over Fanny, but I figured he's a pretty likely character whether I vote for him or not wheras Fanny is much less known.

  13. There was a survey at the end of today's Developer's Backyard, you can find a link at the top of the sub.

  14. The survey is at the end of the newly released Developer's Backyard, which you should be able to find at the top of the sub.

  15. I went A.B.A, Zappa and Delilah. Mained first two in +R, and Bedman in Xrd, but bedman is dead, so let it be Delilah, she has cool design :)

  16. I think I put Sin, Delilah, and Asuka. Or maybe it was Jam, Delilah, and Asuka. Either way I want Asuka and Delilah.

  17. Raven, Dizzy, and Fanny. I think I've seen a total of one other person say Fanny so it doesn't look good for her chances lmao

  18. ABA, Kliff, Order Sol. I think it's pretty sure to say that johnny is going to come on his own. There were a lot of interesting options though!

  19. Guest character, Robo-Ky I and the option to write whatever you want, in which I wrote "Faust before the Strive story."

  20. I picked Slayer, Elphelt, and Bridget. Ultimately though I want to see all the old characters appear for one final send off. Let Strive evolve into the ultimate GG game, finish off the game with a blast, no matter how many season passes it takes! Then we can have one day a future Guilty Gear title that has a whole new story and cast, not held back by any past.

  21. I tried voting for everyone, then noticed it said 3. I decided Johnny, Order Sol, and Robo Ky because the first I really want and the other 2 I don't think stand a chance.

  22. I see we're matching. I got into Xrd, because I was interested in trying Strive after it was announced. I liked playing Venom there, while the other two I thought were neat.

  23. I picked Slayer, Sin, and Robo-Ky. Slayer's been in every installment since XX and it'd be weird for him to skip a mainline game ( + I've found myself trying to main him in +R and Xrd... with little success lmao), Sin's basically a given, and one of my friends is a massive Robo-Ky enthusiast and I picked him for my buddy's sake ahsdgajsd.

  24. I actually voted for Justice, just because I want to see what they could do with them this time around. Feel like Strive could be the game where Justice is finally really sick and cool instead of just looking cool but actually being kinda lame

  25. Izuna (I adore their design, couldn’t help myself), Elphelt (The entire valentine family are some of my favs for so many reasons, and Elphelt has such a fun personality), and Bridget (They’re my main in accent core). Was gonna have Asuka as my 3rd but the character loyalty was too strong

  26. The Survey was linked at the bottom of today's Developer's Backyard. You can find a link to the Backyard at the top of the sub.

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