1. Hey, I'm with you all the way here. If ArcSys brings her back along with my favorite yo-yo twink I'll be happy as a clam

  2. I seriously love that you're doing this, and I hope both that you keep it up and that we get A.B.A. within a reasonable timeframe.

  3. I can promise about keeping it up however getting her in game withing a reasonable time frame seems... TOTALLY POSSIBLE! THIS ISN'T CALLED THE COPIUM TRAIN FOR NO REASON!

  4. As a goldlewis player, i would not mind another sexy beast of a character wielding a giant unconventional blunt object tied to a chain possessing some form of sentience

  5. A.B.A. was the very first character I tried in Accent Core. My friend showed me the game on PS3, I had never seen it before, he said "pick someone who looks cool" so I tried her. I don't play her now but definitely hoping we see more of her!

  6. I think you should’ve started the copium train once season pass #2 started. But who cares, at this point I’m invested in how long you’re going to keep this up.

  7. Well, I'll keep it up till she is announced lol. Unless some unexpected events occur in my life I will try to keep up the daily low-effort post schedule. Enjoy your stay on the Copium train, stranger.

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