1. Heh, all girls have their moments, like Irma abusing her powers to go clubbing and transforming a guy into a toad, or Taranee outright stalking a guy and destroying her brother's car.

  2. Uh, I always thought they were all in the same grade! Cornelia is annoying but very well written imo, I knew tons of pre-teens/young teens that acted exactly like her. Her character made a lot of sense to me!

  3. Yeah, regarding the "fire" question, as stated on the Special "5ive"... If I were the Oracle, I'd never give Fire power to somebody like Cornelia (I'd neither give it to someone as headlighted as Hay Lin... One second of distraction and she'd create a huge fire!). She's so short-tempered that, especially in the first two arcs, she would have created huge messes with it!

  4. I agree that Cornelia is the least relatable of them and I'm surprised she's apparently many people's favourite. But I think it's so cool that all the girls have really distinct and realistic personalities, it would be boring if they were all super likable and perfect from the beginning

  5. You know, I always admired her strength and her willingness to speak her mind. I was a very shy, very quiet kid who never liked to be the center of attention and was afraid to speak up or make myself known.

  6. Is this question only about the comics? Because in the show, Cornelia is one of the most fascinating characters, second only to Will in personality depth (which is partly why a big chunk of the first season revolves around their conflict).

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