1. Serves the Emperor on the frontlines. Is a nobody, and effectively irrelevant in their own narrative. Doesn't appear in more than one book. Hates/fears Orks. Sole survivor. Probably best example of what will happen to anyone picturing themselves living in 40k.

  2. My interpretation of Zahndrekh is less that he's faking his madness, and more that he occasionally has lucid moments

  3. An extremely charismatic and powerful leader who wished to unite his people into a singular empire, stymied by enemies both within and without. He was crippled in singular combat with a great enemy, but saved from death by powerful machinery.

  4. If it weren’t for the machinery part, I’d say Ghazghkull. But mad dok grotsnik didn’t use “powerful machinery” as far as I’m aware.


  6. A good choice but far too easy my good sir. Venerable dreadnought Rylanor the Unyielding, the ancient of rites. The last and one of if not the greatest warrior among the Emperor’s Children.

  7. I would have taken any answer honestly. I was thinking Farsight cuz he actually has no idea why he's still alive since he's ancient by tau standards

  8. Old coot dies doing what he does best, achieving short-term victory in exchange for a long-term galaxy rending cataclysm, looking like a complete badass all throughout.

  9. Hates orks. Specifically kommandos. Once slept with an astartes grade melta bomb under his bed. Has his own weapons wired to explode if fired by anyone but himself.

  10. Here is a present! I'm giving it to you because I'm a very nice and reasonable guy! What wonders will you find in this present? Well, it certainly isn't dangerous, so you just go and open it! (multiple answers)

  11. Genius non-human is constantly passed up for promotion by his idiot bosses despite his incredible talent and devotion to his faith.

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