1. Lot of bootlickers on this socialist subreddit today. Here's a little exercise for you, since you really don't seem to get it, really strain those tiny brains of yours and imagine it was a white child being handled this way. Imagine it was your child being handled this way. Would it really just be the police 'doing their job' then?

  2. I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve been told by police that my client ‘matched the description’ of the suspect and it turns out that the description was ‘IC3 male’. It’s absolutely infuriating.

  3. One evening in London i was waiting for food at some takeaway chicken place, lone cop comes in and tells me to wait as i match a description...well i was waiting for my food so we all hung out in suspense for a few moments before he told me "ok, your good" and left. They were obviously looking for some other scruffy looking bastard that night.

  4. Yeah but tackling young kids stirs up aggression towards the police and causing the need for the police force in this capacity. Tax evasion? Seems like that would impact a well off person. We don’t do that here - again unless it was some middle/working class person trying to make ends meet.

  5. They could start on the entire Tory party and all their deals with Russia/filthy money. That would keep the met out of raping, kidnapping and murdering women.

  6. I wouldn't say "young IC3 (black) lad in a navy hoodie" is exactly what I'd call "vague". He matches on 5 criteria: age, race, sex, clothing, and being in the area.

  7. See I agree with this. Handcuffing the kid because they thought he matched the description is fine. But they didn't need to pin him and all that, but when the guy first went over I really didn't see anything wrong when the lass explained the situation. It was only when they pinned him I thought they were being excessive. But then again that might just be protocol for searching someone who they think could have a weapon. I don't think it's as excessive as the guy in the in video is making it out to be, but still a bit.

  8. You've got four officers tackling down a young boy and after about 5 minutes of perusing they still can't find a knife on that boy and they still won't let him go. What does that say about those police officer's competency?

  9. Police officers and racism go hand in hand. It's like the recruitment process to become an officer is to have psychopathic traits, no empathy, inferiority complex, sexist, racist, think they are entitled to treat people like crap. Police seem to hate the innocent and do underhand deals with pedos, it's all about the power and money. Police do not work to help people, they serve the government who want to see everyone who isn't rich white or male fall.

  10. Hardly tackled him, they put him on the ground to control the search after he resisted. It takes 3 minutes to do a through search with all the people hanging around. The rest of it was them giving him his paperwork about the search which they have to do.

  11. This isn’t how to engage with a community and expect respect. You earn respect, it is not some one way street!! You don’t get to hold our children like this and don’t not expect us to come and check in, show support and make sure they aren’t being done wrong! That brother wasn’t there causing problems, he was filming the problem. He was supporting this child and reassuring him, reminding him of his rights. He’s 12 years old for goodness sake, wrestled to the ground and dragged a 3 min search to about 5. Police be treating black folk badly from childhood, then complain that as adults we disrespectful 😡 no sir! You don’t get to pull this kind of sh!t on us and our babies and expect respect!

  12. This is exactly what I try to explain to those ignorant enough to see these interactions as justified. I have privilege as a white woman to have not have to suffer this treatment since childhood, therefore the least I can do is point out excessive force, record police interactions with my local youth and let those youth know I am there for them. No children should be treated like this, the police were under no threat, this is clearly excessive force (even with an adult nevermind a child). As you say we should aim for a world with respect on all sides, particularly if you are in a position of authority you should be aware of your power and show restraint and respect wherever possible (IE as long as you are not being threatened).

  13. There's a massive thing going on right now with the police performing illegal strip searches on kids in schools- the actual reasons for the searches aren't illegal, but how they're being performed is and it's hardly being reported in the media like they're trying to sweep it under the rug.

  14. We’ve been having similar problems in NSW Australia, young girls being stripped searches by police at music festivals for suspected drug dealing or possession. What’s gross is the search includes a ‘squat test’ where a (hopefully female) uses a mirror for cavity searching.

  15. A strip search is one of the most humiliating things that could happen to a person. It should not be done unless the situation really calls for it. And with children I believe it should only be done if the parent/guardian is present with no ways around it.

  16. I'm a London secondary school teacher, very diverse intake. We now have staff everywhere after school in stations, at bus stops, Mcds, shopping centres. Have done so for years. We have had members of the public film our students being falsely arrested with no appropriate adult present. To the point other students waited outside the police station making noise so the officers knew they were being watched and we knew who they had taken. Was us who notified the family not police. Took officer numbers and they were full of it saying body cam evidence would prove kid was disturbing the peace etc. The cams had jack shit There was a half hearted attempt at an apology from a couple of officers How they expect young people to respect and work with the Met is beyond me

  17. Similar thing happened to my mate when we were waiting for the bus back in 2018. A “routine” stop and search which has them cuffing him, but not me. Neither of us had anything on us, yet they instantly cuffed him. He happened to be black, and I firmly believe it was a racial thing they did. Dude was complying just like me, so I see no stance on why they needed to cuff him.

  18. "routine stop and search" my ass! They just saw a black man at a bus stop and though "because he is black he is a criminal" so they cuffed him, but because you were their they had to search both of you.

  19. On god I never say this type of shit. But this looks like fucking standard racism. 6 white officers pinning down a what? 12 year old? black child. As if we needed anymore reason to hate police.

  20. Pretty sure they cuffed him to and putting him on the floor is overkill like how the fuck do you think that someone in handcuffs is going to be a threat "FiRsTLY My ChIlD" he obviously believes that nobody would be concerned and scared and frightened by this fuck the nonces in blue and also how the absolute fuck can a kid buy a knife I'm pretty sure it's illegal for under eighteen to buy a knife

  21. This is why we need to educate young people on their rights more, this is disgusting. I hope every officer in this video is investigated for: Assaulting the minor Being aggressive to the public Being threatening

  22. Only education my, mostly non-white, school got was the police coming in to tell us to submit when this happens so we can 'make their jobs easier'.

  23. 5 officers to check 1 bot for knives and finding nothing after 5 mins, after wrestling him to the ground like he had one of them at knifepoint wtf

  24. Well in america that kid would've been shot dead and then the official statement from the police department in question would be

  25. The police wouldn’t try blocking the recording if they weren’t ashamed of what they were doing. Police brutality is not just an American disease.

  26. Even if he had committed a knife point robbery, you don't use excessive force on a child just because he's being uncooperative. That's why it's called excessive force.

  27. Cops are fucking scum. The fucking audacity of that one arrogant pig going “my son wouldn’t be rude to police” fuck off you dumb cunt, I bet you don’t even know your son, he’s probably hiding in his room all day while you beat your wife.

  28. I just kept thinking "yeah but your kid hasn't had people that look like you, and dress like you, trying to pin SOMETHING on him all his life.

  29. If you're in any doubts at all as to whether this was a power play from six (!) pigs on one already restrained child, watch again as the filthy get slaps the boy's arse.

  30. I don’t really care how a 12 year old speaks to the police, it’s not justification for 4 grown adults sitting on a 12 year old holding his face on the pavement.

  31. How do you expect a young child to stay calm and act cooperative when they are treated this rouglu by 5 adults. This is madness.

  32. Had family in the police about a decade ago (they worked in a small town, relatively quiet place) and even they say to never join up, it was not heading in a good direction. A rediculous obsession with quotas being forced down onto street police, leading to more and more police doing underhanded shit to make those quotas - they were glad to be retiring.

  33. You think this is bad they once stop searched me took my phones to the police station while I was getting searched. and refused to give them back until I proofed they were mine by giving them the pin codes I had no other choice but to give it to them they spent 10 minutes going through my phones looking at my privet pictures and message’s.

  34. I really don't know where to start. I've posted a comment on a different page about police brutality and how horrible, fuked up they are, while they getting a pay rise for the government and more benefits.

  35. Absolutely ridiculous. Kid shouldn’t be cuffed at all. Kid should not be being manhandled by three cops. It’s perfectly possible to pat down a suspect without doing any of that. Also, the justification for the search is that they have a description of a IC3 youth in a blue hoodie. That’s not a description, that’s a profile.

  36. Cops response says it all. It's justified force, and he wouldn't worry about it happening to his kids because he knows they wouldn't resist. Outrageous

  37. I certainly do not believe ACAB. However there are way too many cunts in the police and the Met as a whole is fucking atrocious. I know one Met officer who I would trust with my life but anyone else I'd be terrified of.

  38. Police have been abusing their power since the Bow St Runners... The most powerful weapon to force change is the simple phone camera. This isn’t a case of a few rotten apples in the barrel, this is a rotten barrel of apples and any new ones thrown in soon go bad too.

  39. The police force is an organised crime syndicate. They're filthy and gross. The UK Met are the worst for trying to cover up what they do. If you're in the UK. Go onto youtube and check out crimebodge UK. It goes into your rights and shows videos that people have filmed where the police are abusing their power. Its a great channel and it really helps UK public see what they can do to avoid being subject to the police abuse.

  40. My heart is breaking watching this. This poor boy is most likely gonna have trauma now by being handled in this way by people who are supposed to be there to protect his wellbeing.

  41. I can bet my left shoe 99% of the people AGREEING to the statement of this video don't have a clue how policing works.

  42. Have we got any updates yet for the poor lad? Would have took me a lot of self control to not boot one of those officers in the arse for pushing him down and being so bloody rough. Racist cunts.

  43. there was no reason to get the kid on the ground. He flinched when they tried to stick their hands down his pants ffs. I think anyone would flinch and struggle if someone put you in cuffs and tried to stick their hand down the front of your pants. That's terribly intrusive even for a search. Outside patting would have told them if there was an object down there, flat out ramming a hand down there is sexual assault.

  44. Police brutality has always happened. From my dads age to mine, the cops would kick the shit out of you for any old reason. The advent of cameras in phones has only slowed the cunts down. The police is full of angry arseholes who are gutted they couldn't join the Nazi party or the NF.

  45. If what they do is legal they don't need to obstruct view from the public . The only crime was this kid is black and matched some vague description. .

  46. Gatekeeping-As an American this barely even qualifies. No closed hand head shots, no planting evidence, no gun shots, no blood. They didnt even toss him down. No beatings or anything. Like I was kinda disappointed with how normal it looked to an American.

  47. This is how riots happen. This is absolutely disgusting. That poor boy and good on the camera man for getting involved. This treatment needs to be held accountable. I'm so proud of every person that got involved to stick up for him.

  48. You've got to look at it from their point of view though as well. They've gotten reports of a knifepoint incident, and in the immediate area they've found someone matching the same description. The Constable's right, they can't determine if he is the perpetrator without conducting a search. Then, having someone shoving a face in your camera and shouting at you doesn't help with the stress of a tense situation.

  49. If that's how they behave while knowing they're on camera how would they behave if they weren't? Filming this stuff is exactly the right thing to do and the guy was just asking questions which he had every right to do.

  50. I'm gonna take a guess and say it's not because he's a child it's because he's black and they're institutionally racist

  51. So what are they supposed to do then? Not stop anybody? I thought you were against knife crime? Surely someone, somewhere has a knife on them? Maybe not this one but maybe the next one. Or shall they just stop looking? Fuck you all. Cunts.

  52. He fitted the description and he was searched. Which the police have the power to do, and I'm glad they have the power to do. The search was longer because

  53. I don't see anyone resisting I see a scared child. The 'antagonists' are cross because they have seen many children, and probably themselves as children, get treated appallingly by the police. As a white woman when I see police behaving this way in my area I have the privilege of not feeling wound up and therefore record to ensure these children are treated appropriately (they still aren't sometimes sadly) and let these children know someone cares. This boy looks about 11, if that was a white 11 year old girl surrounded by 4/5 officers pushing her to the ground no matter how mouthy she was I sadly think you would have more sympathy. The police are in a position of power and responsibility and like teachers need to use this appropriately. We, as the public, have a right to ensure they are behaving appropriately. When I was caught doing naughty things as a kid the police would talk to me appropriately, they did not do so with my black friends.

  54. The boy didn't even try to run away. There was no fucking reason to touch him even. The police are meant to defuse the situation. If they were under the assumption that he had a knife, they shouldn't even me taking him head on in the first place.

  55. I expected, and kinda wanted, to see the police being heavy handed. Instead, I saw the suspect being uncooperative and an overbearing, albeit well-intentioned, passer-by filming. This time, I’m with the police.

  56. Black male wearing a hoodie is an extremely vague description and shouldn't have led to this situation. If this was a white kid they wouldn't have handled it like this, a point which seems to have eluded the condescending officer talking to the guy filming it.

  57. The guy recording was not helping the situation. These days kids that young are robbing..stabbing and killing unfortunately. Resisting only makes it worse. When are people going to understand this. Iv been stopped by police and I was calm and compliant. I walked away with no problems.

  58. To be honest i didnt see them be 'excessive'. Kids have the ability to be criminals. They were pretty careful with him too. Everyone else in the video was being pretty disruptive. They could had likely got it over and done with if the kid cooperated and the bystanders stopped slowing things down and aggrevating things.

  59. The police didn't seem to be doing anything wrong here - there was a knifepoint robbery - child matched the description - police stopped him to ask questions and search him, which is a perfectly sensible thing to do - child resisted - placed in handcuffs and used standard restraint methods to carry out the search when he resisted.

  60. I’ll be honest, I’m quite surprised to see the police actually doing anything! Most of the time they’re just driving about up people arses.

  61. I think the point is more that there was no evidence of him robbing people and therefore having a knife. So the treatment he received was excessive to say the least.

  62. I’m not sure the person filming is actually helping the situation. I have seen young white teenage boys treated the same by police, in fact I have been one but a person shouting at the officers would have pissed me off and it just makes it all worse and would have ramped up my adrenaline.

  63. I don’t see any brutality here, he matched the description, was in the area so they stopped him, just bad luck. Also they didn’t “tackle” him the only reason they had to restrain him is because he resisted. Since he didn’t have anything why not just let them check ? I didn’t see anything overly aggressive or brutal on this video. Random people interfering just make the whole situation worse.

  64. Did anyone else spot the young IC3 (black) male in the background who "matched the description" who was with a parent, but the police never tackled him?

  65. If someone drove up on cops like that in the US the best they could hope for would to be dragged out of their car and roughed up, but they’d probably be shot.

  66. I mean. Yeah, but they can't know he's the kid who did it or no. If he fits the description he fits it. Before the guy came over I didn't see owt wrong, buuuut they didn't have to pin him down. That was unnecessary.

  67. Lol aren't people there being arrested for fb/twitter comments that's "offensive . Lmao how's this surprising?

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