1. The sexual tension that grew between those two…that’s how you write a romance…except a happy ending for longer is always appreciated 🤪

  2. I still do. Their banter is great. I feel like they understand each other in a way others don't because (at one point) they allowed each other to see the vulnerability that comes from childhood trauma.

  3. I think Marshall was misdiagnosed. I don't think he is schizophrenic. He has gone all these (what 40?) with no episodes, voices or hallucinations?

  4. Is it because of the revelation that Curtis didn't inherit any of the genes that cause schizophrenia, or were you thinking that he wasn't Curtis's dad even before then?

  5. I understand the breaking up of Luke and Laura. It was inevitable on a soap opera. But did they have to write Luke to be such a jerk afterwards? And to have cheated in the beginning of their marriage?

  6. I mean... Their relationship started with Luke raping Laura. I'm not sure that Luke being a jerk after they broke up is a huge change in his character.

  7. I wasn't really following then but what did Luke do? I just respect the fact that when something is done, let it go.

  8. OMG! Neither do I I! It didn’t strike me so much at the time but Genie was wildly too young age wise at the time they were first paired. What was she, 17 or 18, and he was 30? Its like putting Trina with Chase, who at least has sex appeal and would be somewhat plausible.

  9. Other than what Julian did to Alexis shouldn’t Sam only hate Olivia instead of all the Jerome’s? She treated Kiki like shit didn’t pay her respects and she didn’t do anything to her she aunt was hooked and never even asked how she was doing. That’s why I hate Sams character

  10. Destroying the characters of Liz and Lucky. Having Lucky cheat on Liz with Sarah and then Maxie. Having them finally reunited and then Liz cheats with Nikolas. I haven't watched faithfully since they destroyed them. I tune in from time to time when JJ is back but besides that, it killed the show for me.

  11. I wasn't watching when he was "Jason" so I can't really compare him to Steve's Jason, but I will say that he's more believable as Jason's identical twin with plastic surgery than Cameron Mathison is (Cameron does look like Michael though, so maybe they could have Billy return as Drew and it could be retconned that he's another previously unknown Quartermaine).

  12. jason morgan will always be michaels father to me. he named him, took care of him alone for months, and has always put that child and his mother first.

  13. Although I'm a fan of bad girls like Nelle and Esme (the former of whom is the reason I started watching GH), in a lot of ways Michael is actually my favorite character on the show. He does have his flaws, but he nonetheless is one of the more level-headed characters (especially when compared to the rest of his family). I think he's justified in a lot of the decisions he's made, and really the only things I wish he'd do differently is give up this quest to ruin Sonny and take over the Corinthos organization, since Sonny isn't even his biological father) and change his name back to Michael Quartermaine.

  14. I agree about Michael. He's been thru a lot and I don't blame him for being the way he is. At the end, I think he'll give up on trying to ruin Sonny.

  15. He had an opportunity to do a feud and do it well. When Sonny killed AJ, that should have killed their relationship, should have been no going back. Instead the unspeakable evil was dumping Carly wtf.

  16. I loved Jason and Brenda when they were on-screen together. They had chemistry and the bantering was hilarious. Probably one of the few times I've seen Jason have life in his character.

  17. What they did to Julian was wrong. He was an actor that had a lot of easy chemistry with the women of PC. He is still sexy, which is like finding a unicorn in his age range. A lot of the soap guys around his age have maintained their looks, but they're missing that spark.

  18. I hated Courtney and didn’t think she belonged with Jason at all! When they had him carry her off the stage at the strip club, it was a pale imitation of his carrying Robin off the stage at the Nurses’ Ball. At least I think it was the Nurses’ Ball. It was a long time ago.😀

  19. They always seemed forced to me too…like the sister falls for the bad boy sidekick. Forbidden love 🙄

  20. Yeah, but whose fault is that? The show could never have gotten away with elevating them as a couple without the millions of fans who could not get enough of them. The show was to blame for creating the storyline, but everyone who leaped on that bandwagon is just as guilty in my eyes.

  21. I never cared for either couple. I'll never understand how ppl can romanticize those two toxic couples all while trashing Luke and Laura. Doesn't make any sense to me.

  22. I hated the Luke/Laura rape scene and wouldn't watch them at all afterwards. Switched to AMC. But then they got married afterwards!?! Omg. Disgusting writing.

  23. I was watching it faithfully at that time, and when the rape happened, the first thing I thought was that that the show had seriously underestimated how popular L&L were with the viewers. The writers spent a lot of time trying to explain it away as a seduction, but it was absolutely rape. There was no question of that at the time.

  24. Totally agree about Guza. I also think he has it out for Labine and purposely tries to destroy her legacy.

  25. I agree or am the same for not seeing Sonny as Michael’s father or the Claudia was responsible for him being shot.

  26. Carly should not me the main female character of the show, as I do not find her interesting and I don't the actress playing her.

  27. Big thumbs up from me 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  28. I agree with all of this, with one caveat. Ava isn’t worshiped onscreen. She’s at best tolerated, and at worst openly treated with contempt.

  29. Im right there with you. Guza sucked. Along with his writing, Sonny, Carly and Jason ruined the show. It hasn't been the same since the mid 90s. It became to dark and depressing with storylines like BJ's heart and Monica's cancer. The action packed GH from the 80s/early 90s that I loved was gone.

  30. I don't like Elizabeth, never have and still don't. I want TC back as Nicholas. I wish Lulu and Lucky would come back. I like Dex and Joss.

  31. My most-hated GH moment was when Anna was getting dressed for the ceremony where she was being sworn in as Police Chief (it may have been Police Commissioner I’m not sure) and was trying to decide which low-cut dress to wear.

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