1. Yes! Me, too! I hope that they explore that. Brando just passed away. I hate that they did that to him. I'd love to see Sasha & Chase form a deeper friendship that leads to love. I liked Chase with Brook Lynn, but she didn't write that letter because she didn't want him back on the force, knowing how much being on the force meant to him. That's hard to come back from. If the police force isn't an option for Chase, ever again, perhaps he could do private detective work with Curtis, or Sam.

  2. Yea, Carly will sit on it til they find one of Silas’ undiscovered relatives in the bone marrow donor bank

  3. Nina’s visit could’ve easily been a phone call or text. Instead we get to watch her stress and berate a pregnant women whom she knows doesn’t like her. I’m so tired of their run ins and stupid pop up’s . I would’ve looked at my ring camera and left Nina ass outside lol.

  4. Carly used Willow’s and Nina’s DNA results without their permission. U can’t violate someone’s right to privacy because you don’t like them soap trope says yes. I say No

  5. Yeah I didn’t think Nina was rude or anything ; it made sense she cares for Sasha and she thought willow was her friend.🤷‍♀️

  6. Hell no. She'll say it's the pregnancy and everyone (Michael will probably come in right behind Mommie Dearest too) will verbally assault Nina. Anyone can see it coming a mile away.👎🏼👎🏼

  7. Really? Interesting take. I thought Nina was overstepping and horribly rude insinuating that Willow is in the lap of luxury and able to nap during the day. She is not at all self aware.

  8. How was she not rude? Willow is none of her business and she had no reason to go there and berate and tell her what to do regarding Willow's relationships. They are not friends nor family. She knows damn well Willow doesn't care for her.

  9. I like Nina and don't like Willow, but this last visit of Nina's was too much.She was told to drop dead by Willow so she pops over to her house! To help Sasha, okay--but she could have emailed, called, texted--I know this is a soap and people need to meet face to face but the Nina/Willow scenes are getting ridiculous.

  10. Sasha told Nina "she could handle it". That's why Nina thought Sasha would enjoy her "friend" Willow. Again, remember Nina doesn't know that Willow is sick. Pregnant women are able to help their friends, and decorate for the holidays.

  11. The problem is she wasn’t realllly there for Sasha, she was there bc she wanted a reason to yet again be with Willow. Imo she’s drawn to her although she doesn’t understand why. Willow saw through it.

  12. I dont want Willow to die, but I do think she has to if we want Carly to actually face some consequences. Or at the very least she needs to get so close that the show needs to use soap opera magic to save her from this sickness. Carly actively working against Drew, Michael, and Willow and unknowingly making her sicker needs to happen, Michael needs to see that his mom is not the wonderful saint he thinks she is, and is every bit as selfish as he thinks sonny is.

  13. I hope at this point - Willow does die. It may be the only way on this show that Carly "may" be finally seen as the bad guy - other than the wonder woman of Port Charles.

  14. If Nina gets a DNA test that proves she is Willow’s mother I don’t think that means she can be used for Willow’s bone marrow transplant. As is it’s too soon to know what kind of therapy W will get. Or if the leukemia diagnosis is accurate or real 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. 3) Willow needs rest. Nina knocks on her door. She answers. They argue. Carly comes in without knocking. I think. Tension bc of Wiley. What comes next? Willow faints.

  16. Carly came in because she could hear Willow screaming at Nina. She was just standing outside watching for a minute before Willow absolutely lost her shit.

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