1. Reminds me when they brought Jonathon Jackson back as Lucky and his first scene was Liz opening the door and he said ‘miss me?’ Lol

  2. just like when they called the place where they were up to nefarious things, Miscavige, named after the ass who was running Scientology at the time.

  3. No Alexis, Elizabeth has her hands full right now with the person who barges into ppl's homes. You should know that better than anyone lol

  4. OMG this temp Nikolas NEVER would’ve gone near Esme. I actually like Marcus, but I would keep this one for this reason alone.

  5. I really want that to happen actually. New women for these guys and get Trina someone who suits her. Joss got a Dex. It’s time for some. Ew energy with the young adults.

  6. She couldn’t call Portia and tell her about Esme? She has to interrupt Portia actually doing medical things in her hospital job to break this news?

  7. So bets that Nava get two scenes together in which no actual decisions about their marriage are made and she spends the rest of episode sipping a martini while he stomps around about Esme.

  8. Finn's addiction storyline basically reappearing out of nowhere. Is he gonna continue the tradition of boinking his father's women with Alexis?

  9. Spencer has to worry about dropping the soap in the shower but sure lets make it all about YOUR feelings Trina 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Liz should have just slammed the door on her. As if she hasn't been through enough. Now she has to endure her butting into her business.

  11. Curtis may be in the clear but Portia isn't. It seems like everyone forgets that Curtis had a brother who snapped and almost killed Shawn after finding out that Jordan cheated on him. Whose to say Thomas wasn't schizophrenic himself.

  12. Snarly's not doing her stans any favors in scenes like this. It basically shoots down all their arguments that she doesn't insert herself into scenes she doesn't belong in 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. Either lying or it’s true and it keeps the Trina is Curtis’s daughter a secret til their wedding day. 🤷‍♀️

  14. Or I was wondering if they were going to have Marshal not be Curtis' dad, but I can't recall if they did a DNA test or what before

  15. Back before there were video cameras everywhere - one of my friends had her boyfriend that didn't go to college there - move into her dorm with her. The dorm was a "women only" dorm - you would think he would have stood out. Everyone from the college could eat in various dorm's cafeterias - he even ate there almost all the meals. Back in the late 1970's/early 1980's - it seemed that no one paid much attention to those things - as there were always bigger issues than that.

  16. I like that they are finally talking things out after the better part of a year, but the dialogue is awkward. It’s also out of place. In reality, Trina was into Spencer for only about two weeks before she found out who he was and that there was no “Victor”. She was making it seem today that they had some great broken love affair that was out of a Bronte novel or something. And, it really wasn’t like that. She was interested in him and he was interested in her but most of the time they’ve been around each other, Esme was in the picture. So, when has there been time for all of these deep feelings to develop?

  17. Thank you. Can we start a club about it and get matching jackets? Because I’m not just done with the sister, I’m through. Recently, the stress of this secret has made Portia act as crazy as a bedbug — with apologies to the PCU dorm residents. Her voice is always high and tight; she acts like someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I guess it’s a good thing Curtis transitioned into owning a club because he would have starved if he’d continued as a private investigator. His powers of observation are zero. He can’t even tell something is wrong with the woman he lives with.

  18. Joss doesn’t want anything to do with Sonny. So that makes sense to me. I want to know why she hasn’t questioned what Dex was doing at MICHAEL’s house looking for help.

  19. Every time I start back up watching GH Carly has a new friendship with someone who she previously hated and I end up confused. How long have Carly and Elizabeth been friends?

  20. They’re still not friends. Carly is okay with Liz but Elizabeth isn’t ever going to be okay with Carly. She’s the only woman in Port Charles more obsessed with Jason than Carly. She, unlike Carly, had Jason’s kid and he still didn’t pick her over Carly. She resents the heck out of that and she always will.

  21. Yuck. Really not interested in seeing a woman stuck between a father and son. That’s just nasty. At least she hasn’t slept with Gregory…yet. I don’t know if she and Finn got that far but I hope not. A man shouldn’t be with the same woman his father was with. Of course, it’s too late for Finn and Gregory, isn’t it? That’s what happened with Jackie. It’s also way too late for the Cassadines. Nikolas and Spencer already locked up that prize. Of course, Spencer was the only one not at fault in that matter.

  22. Watching today’s episode, I think Marshall was misdiagnosed back in the day. We all know doctors were quick to judge mental illness back then. Makes me think he needs to do the testing as well and possibly get off those meds!

  23. I agree and, yes, I’m going to bring up the racial aspect, too. I don’t find it hard to believe that Marshall’s doctors back then jumped to a schizophrenia diagnosis in part because he’s a Black man. Lack of quality care for people of color happens, now, let alone forty years when Marshall left his family. Doctors don’t take the pain of Black women as seriously as other groups of women, etc.

  24. On Days of our Lives, Adam would be Esme’s baby daddy and he’d have some has-her-shit-together older sister who would wind up adopting it.

  25. I cannot believe Carly! She’s straight up stealing things from other people’s houses, now?! And, that’s after she barged in, in the first place.

  26. So instead of checking on Joss directly, Carly went straight to Elizabeth, what's next Carly and Elizabeth are friends.

  27. Carly is right: It might be cathartic for Liz to burn those photos, but at some point she or her kids (or future grandkids) might want to see them. Also, Violet doesn't have any of her other grandpa either.

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